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PDP and Fraud: PDP described 2016 budget as a fraud


Nelson Ekujumi

Image: The author, Nelson Ekujumi

As we revel in the excellent and inspiring presentation of the 2016 budget of Change by President Buhari to the National Assembly yesterday, one must congratulate sincerely the PDP for not disappointing Nigerians for its description of the 2016 budget as a fraud like in their character which is not unexpected.

Honestly, one would have been depressed and shocked if PDP had applauded President Muhammadu Buhari’s 2016 budget.

The reason for being happy with the PDP description stems from the fact that even our Lord Christ asserts that as a man is, so is what comes out of him, because, out of a good tree, comes good fruit and out of a bad tree, comes bad fruit.

The PDP have become so used to fraudulent way of doing and saying things, that fraud has become a way of life. Who can forget the 16 is greater than 19 saga? Ekitigate,  The dollar cash laundering of $9.3 to South Africa, the hoax of a ceasefire with Boko Haram, the postponement of 2015 general elections by Dasuki and co, the Orubebe maniac at general election results collation centre, etc

The fraud committed on the Commonwealth and trust of the Nigerian people is being exposed daily via a comatose economy which they fraudulently claimed was rebased and doing well, stole the economy dry such that they were borrowing to pay salaries, etc.

They even diverted and shared our defence funds for a political party campaigns, spiritualists consultations, and all manner of obscenities while compromising national security which is being exposed via Dasukigate. In the days ahead, more of their fraud will be exposed.

The fraud unleashed on Nigerians, precisely in the last four years by the PDP is gradually unfolding before our very eyes, hence since everything about them is fraud, they can’t see or imagine anything other than fraud.

Nelson Ekujumi 

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