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PDP, APC and Mantu’s rigging confession

Mantu is less than honest. This practice of rigging is common in the political space in Nigeria. Mantu should have been straight to the point; that it is painfully, normal in this clime. It was done for PDP and APC in 2015. Many of us have personal knowledge of this. We need to improve our electoral behavior in the interest of democracy.

What did Mantu say:
That security agents are bribed;
That INEC officers are bribed;
That polling agents of weaker political parties are influenced;
That all these are done to win elections;

If there are persons who have contested elections on this platform who truly fear God the creator, let them come out and say that these practices are wrong and await the judgment of God.

As someone who contested elections on PDP platform between 1999-2011 and worked for APC in 2015 elections, I will not dare God.
Meanwhile The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has dismissed the advice by the All Progressives Congress (APC) that it should learn from former senate president, Ibrahim Mantu‘s claims on how he rigged elections for the party.
The APC had on Saturday called on the PDP to follow the example of Mr Mantu, a PDP leader, and confess to its sins against Nigerians.
In response, the PDP National Publicity Secretary, Kola Ologbondiyan, in a statement on Sunday said Mr Mantu’s reported claims are personal to him and has nothing to do with the PDP.
He said the party has never directed any of its members to rig election on its behalf at any point since its formation.
PREMIUM TIMES reported how Mr Mantu had, in an interview on Channels Television, revealed that he rigged elections for the PDP.
He said even when he did not rig directly, he paid election officials and party agents to do the rigging. The former senator said he decided to confess because he felt embarrassed by the way Nigerians were treated outside the country.
“The PDP has never directed or had any pact with him (Mr Mantu) to rig election on its behalf. Never,” Mr Ologbondiyan said on Sunday.
“Individuals run their elections on the platform of political parties once they emerge as candidates. In the PDP, candidates are issued with the party’s Code of Conduct containing the basic rules of electioneering engagements.
“There is nowhere in the rules of engagement where candidates or party members are directed to rig elections on behalf of the party.
“If any member’s conduct transgressed these basic rules of engagement, that individual did not act on behalf of the PDP, and as such the party cannot be vicariously held responsible.

In any case, Mantu is bound by his confession! It is trite law that the confession of one suspect is only binding on him. It cannot bind another, including a corporate body!

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