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PDP back to its bad politics in Anambra: Open letter to ndi Anambra


chinedu nkwontaNdi Anambra, recently, some elements in the PDP have come back to our dear

State, after losing power at the Federal, very determined to start unleashing their known destructive style of politics in our anointed soil.

The PDP knows that there is nothing left for them at the centre since APC took control, they have reverted back home, trying to find relevance by playing aggressively to the gallery as to divert our focus and particularly the focus of our able Governor, His Excellency, Chief Dr. Willie Obiano from the pie of articulated leadership. 

They have initiated this aggressive approach by continually writing letters to the governor and raising frivolous and unsubstantiated allegations. 

Our Governor, party and government are committed to guiding our State continually towards better future and opportunities for all.

We all are witnesses to the proactive and concise developments that have been continually brought into Anambra since the past nine years and more by the government of APGA. We are an integral part of Ndi Anambra hence the direct tackling of most of the challenges we have faced over the years.

Governor Obiano started with clear identification of our collective areas of strength and formulating policies that would enhance those areas. The areas remain Trade and Commerce, Industry, Oil and Gas and Agriculture. 

Ndi Anambra are the traders of Africa, it will be unusual to get into any market in the world without seeing an Igbo man, Ndi Anambra. It is so because of our resilient nature and our capacity to survive against all odds. Anambra person is not afraid of hard work to provide food for self and family. Our markets at Onitsha, Nnewi, Awka, Ekwulobia and so many other towns attract so many traders from all round the country and beyond, in recognition of our business ingenuity. This is a gift that God gave us as a people.

In Nnewi and other major towns, we have industries that are into manufacturing, companies that we built and continue to build from our hard earned resources. It is rare to see an Igbo man, an Anambra man that is a beggar; we have honour and believe in our God’s given ability to change our circumstance through hard work. Governor Willie Obiano recognised these ab initio.

For some years now, Anambra has been recognised as an oil producing State by the Federal Government. The problem is that we are not yet benefitting from this position. Akpokuodike recognised even before becoming our Governor that work still need to be done to attain the beneficial status hence his commitment from the day that he took oath of office as our Governor to do everything necessary in making sure that we attain that height.

Governor Willie Mmaduaburochukwu Obiano was concerned about the unemployment level in our society; he started to think creatively in advance on the possibilities of our strengths that can be developed to create the much needed jobs for our teeming unemployed youths. He looked at the area of agriculture knowing that Ndi Anambra, especially the North and some parts of the South of Anambra have fertile soils and can develop farming in a better modern way as not just to produce more and better but to offer our young and unemployed youths quality, value adding alternative employment. 

Governor Obiano, government and APGA as his political surname have been diligent in these areas.

Governor Obiano recognised from inception that for any of these ideas to be advanced, he needed to provide favourably environment that will make Anambra attractive to local and international investors in terms of security.

Under PDP government in Anambra a decade ago, armed robbery, kidnapping and so many despicable things was the norm. Anambra was wild, anyone that was somebody ran away from the State. Our brothers and sisters living outside the State were guided never to come home because of the unusual level of insecurity. As the criminals were robbing, kidnapping and killing, the rascals in PDP were busy burning our commonwealth, abducting Governors and causing so much mayhem to the defenceless citizens, it was really crazy.

APGA government came in and gradually but steadily started rebuilding the State, our lives started to change for the better. Since the coming of APGA government in Anambra, our future has been looking upwards and getting better on daily bases.

Akpokuo first secured Anambra by exiting all known and unknown criminals from the State. Akpokuo reinvigorated the tradition of APGA, the tradition of destroying any proceeds of crime, be it houses or any other investment owned by criminals as to discourage crime. 

His courage in this area, observed and confirmed by local and international organisations started yielding positive dividends as investors started trooping into Anambra from all parts of the world. As we stand today, investments into our State within less than two years of Akpokuo as our Governor is closing in on three billion dollars.

Ndi Anambra need to know that today, so much is happening in our agricultural zone. So many reputable investors are in Anambra investing their resources and creating long lasting employment opportunities for Anambra youths.

Today, Akpokuo has many of our youths in training all over the world in key specialist areas as to be well prepared for the opportunities that will come with the industrial revolution imminent in the State. 

Akpokuo has reactivated the long abandoned international market at Oba, he has started the construction of our own cargo airport; he has expanded our possibilities in agriculture to include livestock. Being a detailed person and committed to making an indelible difference, he goes the extra mile of providing all the supporting necessities as to guarantee long term success of the projects. To encourage cash crops and other aspects of farming, roads are awarded for easy evacuation of produce. Preservation and packaging support companies are equally encouraged to come in as to guarantee stability and longevity of investments and eliminate wastage. Akpokuo our Governor does these because he cares.

Ndi Anambra, Akpokuo is not a man that plays to the gallery, he is not a part of quick-fix decisions that are made for political showbiz; he is a man used to building institutions that outlive their founders.

I want to remind Ndi Anambra that Akpokuo could not have been our Governor if he did not have a proven track record, a man of his words and integrity. We MUST give Akpokuo maximum support to prove his mettle. I have this feeling that he will surprise everyone. He is working as it is.

We have a responsibility of protecting our collective future by making sure that we do not allow these PDP cowboys to infiltrate us for any reason.

We all know that they have nothing to offer except anarchy, confusion, brigand and other things negative.  

It is not their duty to start to write the Governor wanton to have the full details of contracts awarded and others, when they were in charge in the State, what they did for us. Of course I need to state clearly that all activities of government either in contracts awarded or other areas are well-documented; there is no contract that Akpokuo has ever awarded behind the scene.

A PDP that is always talking war and raising false allegations does not have any plan; otherwise PDP would be telling us their vision for Anambra, their vision to make our State better.

Let me remind Ndi Anambra that PDP has never apologised to us for the mayhem, bad name and stress they caused us during their time. 

My candid suggestion to PDP in Anambra is that they should go to seek the face of God for forgiveness of their sins, they should find a way to appease Ndi Anambra for all the troubles and they should shut up as the prodigal sons that they have been and hope on better tomorrow, if it will ever come.

Ndi Anambra, I want to remind all of us that Akpokuodike Igbo, our own Governor is only getting close to two years in charge of our State, it will be unfair to judge him with the achievements of eight year term. It is important I remind our people even at that, Akpokuo has so far exceeded the expectations of most of us and still working.

Let us Ndi Anambra also be reminded that our Governor, being a seasoned technocrat, properly groomed in financial management and audit, he is prudent with our commonwealth and has the required know-how to guide us accordingly. Akpokuo on his own right is a proven success; he cannot fail in our hands.

Please, let me remind all of us that Akpokuo gave us our Anambra anthem; he equally gave us our own logo as an identity, if he is not committed and passionate about us, why go through all these details. 

We must reason properly and understand that the only option we have as it is remains to keep making progress with Governor Willie Obiano, I do not think we wish to go back to the dark days of PDP.

We must look at the infrastructural developments and other possibilities in our State under Governor Obiano and APGA and be unequivocal in telling the rascals called PDP to go collect their clothes where they took their bath, not in our Anambra.  

Let me assure all of us that developments, as far as Willie is concerned, shall get to all parts of our State.

Akpokuo is committed to providing us with the best of everything, let us continue to trust and support him. 

Let us continue to trust and support APGA, party nke anyi.

I thank you all Ndi Anambra.

Hon. Chinedu Nkwonta

State Publicity Secretary, APGA



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