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PDP delegates, are you aware of the powers that comes with responsibilities? (Part1) ~ By Athanasius Igweze-Ekwunife

Over the weekend, I discussed with a group of friends, including a Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) executive. It was an interesting conversation, and while we were at it, something struck me. The party executive said, and I quote, “We love Valentine Ozigbo but we need assurances of his financial muscle.”

They went on to give me details of how they are being induced by less popular or qualified aspirants with promises of money. And how they were concerned that money politics may corrupt the process. I did what I could to assure them that Val Ozigbo is prepared and capable of matching the other aspirants, brawn for brawn, power for power, connection for connection, and cash for cash.

But when I left them, I began to ponder on what they said. I asked myself: Áre these guys aware that their powers come with responsibilities?

That conversation led me to pen this article to address the PDP delegates on the role they should be playing as the June 26 party primaries approach.

My dear delegates, no doubt you have the powers to decide who becomes the party candidate and hence deciding who Ndi Anambra should support and vote for come November 6.

Your decisions this month will determine how the next eight years will be for Ndi Anambra and the Anambra economy, so primarily, the powers of deciding the next governor are vested in your hands. You currently wield enormous powers; hence all the aspirants are moving to you for support and votes. Yet, it still seems you do not understand the responsibilities that come with this power.

My dear delegates, you have the sole responsibility of saving our beloved state from an unfruitful eight years. You have the sole responsibility of fielding the best candidate for Ndi Anambra so that this state can reach its full potentials.

You have the sole responsibility of saving our dear state from lack of technological growth, protecting our civil servants from unbearable working conditions, saving our SMEs from the risk of closure, and helping our people boost their confidence. Your decisions will guarantee the security of lives and businesses, thereby increasing domestic investments in the state. You have the sole responsibility of saving this state from economic backwardness.

Your responsibilities are too many, and it will tell on this state when you make terrible choices. Why will your decisions not be influenced by the love you all have for our dear state and its citizens?

You all should look out for excellence and move with the distinction you’ve seen in Valentine Chineto Ozigbo, whose greatness is obviously neither by chance nor by emergency. You have been with him and noticed that he has strived for excellence all through his life.

Your fears about his financial muscle are understandable but misguided, partly because of his quiet nature. Let me make this clear, Valentine Ozigbo can fund the PDP primary and the election proper. With his vast experience in the banking, hospitality and other sectors, Ozigbo will have not problem matching and evening besting the highest bidder at the primaries.

Borrowing from our holy book, I ask you, my dear delegates, “What shall separate you from the love and responsibility of voting for Valentine Chineto Ozigbo?” Shall tribulation, distress, persecution, famine, nakedness, peril, sword, or money? As it is written, For thy sake, he has laboured all the day long; for Anambra’s sake, he has prepared for years for the service. Nay, you are more than conquerors come November 6 through Valentine Chineto Ozigbo that loves Anambra more in all these things.

Athanasius Igweze-Ekwunife is a graduate of Economics from Nnamdi Azikwe University, where he was a student leader. He is a researcher and public affairs commentator. He hails from Nibo, Awka South Local Government Area of Anambra State.

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