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The PDP gang-up against Peter Obi in Anambra State

Only a fresh state congress can save the party


Olisa Metuh has never wanted Anambra to have a party! So that they will be making money.

What is the state of PDP in Anambra state and what has happened to PDP in Anambra state and the South East? Why is PDP not moving forward?

Firstly, PDP in Anambra,  from 1998 when the party was formed, won all the elections in Anambra state and the entire South East and Nigeria and it was Anambra people that were in charge.

We have Dr. Alex Ekwueme, we have businessmen from Anambra call them Emeka Offor, call them Ben Okoye these were the two major sponsors then in Anambra state.

And Obasanjo came into power, Andy Ubah emerged from nowhere with his brother Chris Ubah.

Senator Andy Ubah

Emeka Offor started APF and started fighting the governor, Dr. C.C Mbadinuju. Maybe Mbadinuju did not do well but he wasn’t the worst governor in Nigeria as at then but at the end of the day, Obasanjo, Chris Ubah and Andy stopped him after his four years.

He did everything to come back to power they stopped him. If you go through the process through which they stopped him,it was not too smooth. And that was when internal democracy started dying in PDP because immediately after Mbadinuju, the next election was 2003 when they brought in Chris Ngige.

And that was when PDP started having two lists. You go to Wadata Plaza Solomon Lar will tell you that this list is invalidated today.

All these things started from Anambra. So that will tell you that Anambra PDP. Anambra is the heartbeat of PDP at the national level.

It’s only because of Anambra that a national chairman will today recognize a list that went through the primaries, tomorrow he will get an instruction from the Villa through Andy Ubah and he will now say that the list is no longer valid.

It’s only in Anambra, no other place.

This continued till 2005 when Chris Ubah and his brother fought Ngige out of office using Peter Obi. He has said it all over the place that he was the person that gave Peter all the documents he used to win Ngige in the court. And what was the problem? Sharing formula.

‘I made you governor or I assisted you to be governor you must have to give me things’. It didn’t go down well with Ngige. Obasanjo supported them. Anambra.

This thing consumed not less than three national chairmen. Anambra issue,between that 2003 and 2005 and 2007. So in 2007,Olisa Metuh now came in as the national vice-chairman South East.

When he came in as the national vice-chairman South East,in 2007 Andy was getting ready for his governorship election and when he started his governorship election,he chose his own state chairman and appointed Tony Nwoye as his state chairman.

Immediately after that election,they sent Tony Nwoye packing and Tony started fighting with Andy. A lot of people don’t know why Tony and Andy can never work together.

It’s simply because the way and manner Andy removed Tony as state chairman,did not go down well with the young man.

It didn’t give him any alternative and the young man gave him all the support. But he dismissed him and appointed Bright Nnebedum as the state chairman.

Now PDP crisis compounded.

Shortly, Andy was no longer in control. Chris Ubah has his own faction of the party headed by Benji Udeozor as the state chairman.

Olisa has his own faction of the party headed by Ken Emeakayi as the state chairman. From 2007 till late last year,you can check the number of years. From 2007 to 2017,ten years!

When Olisa was the vice-chairman South East,the national chairman of the party came from the South East,and you know by the constitution of the party if you produce the national chairman you will not have normal members from that geopolitical zone as members of the national working committee. So Olisa was at that point doubling as the chairman of the South East and also as member of NWC.

The case of Anambra within that four years consumed another three national chairmen. Secondus was the national organising secretary then, the current national chairman so he knows the history of Anambra. And what is the issue?

Olisa never wanted Anambra to have a party! So that they will be making money.

Ex-Anambra PDP chairman, Ken Emeakayi


Any case that has to do with Anambra will be treated in Abuja. So NWC took over Anambra,today they will tell you Oguebego is in charge, that they have recognised Benji Udeozor to Oguebego ,tomorrow they will tell you it is Ken Emeakayi, next tomorrow they will tell you it is Ejike Oguebego.

So this thing kept going on and any time they have primaries they will dissolve all the executive and say there is no executive in Anambra and the national working committee will take over because as at that time Supreme Court has not given judgement on any issues that bothers on primaries.

How the process of party primaries should go.

The believe is that once the national chairman and secretary submit your name to INEC you are the candidate of the party. Nicholas Ukachukwu will come to Abuja and put his own list, Chris Ubah will come to Abuja and put his own list,Olisa will put his own list. Tomorrow they will tell you they have recognised one other big man,you will not even know the person’s name.

Tomorrow they will tell you it is Arthur Eze’s list that is going. Tomorrow they will tell you it is Andy Ubah’s list that is going. It continued like this. And today,the issue remains why will Anambra one state be consuming national chairmen of the party?

It is for the simple fact because,it is only from Anambra that a big man will wake up tomorrow morning and say ‘ I want to go and support a governor in Bauchi state’. ‘I spent billions of Naira to make the person governor’.

It is only from Anambra that a big man will wake up and say ‘I want to go and put a governor in Ebonyi state’.

Ohakim lost his second bid to be governor that brought in Rochas because he challenged Emeka Offor in a committee he was heading to reconcile Anambra in Hilton. And he told Emeka Offor,” you have never been governor when I am talking you don’t talk and I am not sure you will ever be a governor “.

Emeka Offor came down to the lobby of Transcorp Hilton and started shouting, ” who knows Rochas? Go and bring him I will make him governor for free” and told Ohakim to go and take pictures in government house to show his children that he was once a governor.

And he succeeded.

Ibeto sponsored 80% of this man in Ebonyi now, Umahi because of his interest in Nkalagu cement. Because the former governor did not give him what he wanted.

And then he sponsored this one and this one still denied him. So it’s only in Anambra that we have such people, that can bring out money,not that they want to be governor, they don’t have interest.

So the NWC of the party  now saw Anambra as a milking ground. And if you have a party in the state they will not make the money. So their grand plan is ‘we don’t want a party in Anambra ‘ otherwise what is happening in Anambra today,members of PDP are joining other political parties.

Even members of PDP from Anambra that are in National Assembly are confused as we speak. 282 days to the party primaries,there’s no party in Anambra as we speak. NWC is not doing anything about it. Now what is the major problem?

The current problem is because of the perceived rumour going around that the vice presidential candidate will come from the South East.

The Deputy Senate President is interested,he is from Enugu state.

Former governor of Anambra state, Peter Obi is interested,he is from Anambra. Senator Ben Obi is interested, he is from Anambra. I just learnt that Osita Chidoka is also interested. He is from Anambra. Now what is playing out?

If you have a party in Anambra, Peter Obi will have a base. So they don’t want them to have a party in Anambra.

Let me tell you, because Ben Obi was active as acting national secretary of the caretaker committee that brought in Secondus as national chairman, they paid him for that services anyway.

Ben Obi is also working for the state Governor, Obiano. He was his chief campaign manager.

Telling  everybody that there is no need for PDP to have a candidate for the governorship election in the last election.

And at the end of the day,if you watched what he said at the Inauguration Day of Obiano’s second term it will be clear to you that he never supported PDP.

As governorship election was going on from Saturday to Sunday, Ben Obi called a meeting in his house and now said they are basketing party offices for the 4th December 2017 state congresses that never took place.

1 p.m. people were still in different collation centres looking for results,the national secretary of the party was in his house having meeting to basket party offices. Which means, he wasn’t part of the elections and that was what Professor ABC Nwosu, that was the caretaker chairman saw and resigned.

He said he cannot be part of this grand conspiracy to rob PDP. Peter also received a payback for what he did. Because when Chris Ubah them worked for him there was agreement that he will come into PDP,this will happen,which he never kept.

So they all waited for him and Peter had opportunity because he was close to President Jonathan to have made Obiano governor in PDP. But because they were comfortable,will use PDP people, pay them and then go back to ‘our APGA and run our government without getting them involved’.

He never knew that the same cup he used in measuring for people will be used against him. So Obiano came into power and chased him out. So he was forced to come into PDP by the time he came into PDP he has nothing to offer again.

So Ben Obi has done his own,payback time, the only thing he requested from Wike after making Secondus the national chairman, because he was the man that was at the centre of the whole thing, was that he wants to make an Awka person state Chairman of the party.

They gave him all the instruments to go and work but he could not do it. Because Ben Obi is not a correct member of PDP.

You can’t even say a political party that he is in because today if you go to his house ,you see APC people,you will see SDP people,you will see all manner of people and he will tell you he is nationalist.

A nationalist is not a politician. So as an agent,he said payback time. He couldn’t perfect it.

But what he did was to write a letter  convince Markafi when Anambra did not participate in the national convention because it was obvious that there was not state congress. No congresses in Anambra state.

So we couldn’t produce national delegates. We couldn’t produce anything. It was only 20 persons that were statutory delegates that voted in the national convention. So based on that whatever he did was a nullity.

So the letter he gave to Ndubisi Nwobu recognising him as the chairman of the party when Secondus them took over they set up a committee of inquiry headed by Austin Umahi, uounger brother of Ebonyi state governor,who is the national vice-chairman South East. You can see the level of impunity. Zonal Vice-chairman South East was zoned to Ebonyi,the only person the governor saw that will hold that position  was his younger brother.

So the NWC led by Secondus mandated Austin Umahi to investigate what happened,why Anambra did not participate in the national convention. Austin Umahi wrote a report that was adopted by the national working committee that local government and ward congresses were manageably done,shabbily done but that there was no state congress.

It was in respect of that on 19th of December 2017 , the national working committee wrote a letter handing over the PDP in Anambra state to the South East zone under the supervision of Austin Umahi and they gave them a mandate to conduct the three local governments that they said the local government congress did not take place and then conduct state congress within 90 days from 19th of December 2017.

90 days has expired. Before the expiration of the 90 days,the NWC set up another committee headed by the Deputy Senate President Ekweremadu to go and reconcile Anambra and now bring out lasting solutions to the issues and crisis in Anambra state.

The person you are giving it to handle is somebody that already has an interest in Anambra. Because the moment there is a party in Anambra, Peter Obi including that Senator Ben Obi who doesn’t know what he is doing will have a base and they will compete with him. So Ekweremadu has been on that job for that time till now nothing has happened.

Now,the question I am asking is; if NWC wrote a letter mandating somebody to do an assignment within 90 days and before the expiration of 90 days they set up another committee on top of that one does it seem they are serious about Anambra state?

But one thing they don’t know is that the crisis in Anambra PDP today will affect the Imo election because any person that is PDP candidate in Imo state,Anambra businessman will work against the him. And now the question is,what is the interest of Anambra businessmen in PDP ? Because they have benefited a lot from PDP and they love the party.

Anambra people loves PDP. In Ebonyi,of course there is a war that is already brewing,Anambra businessmen are getting ready to go and put another person in Ebonyi. In Abia the governor will tell you that all the crisis he has suffered since he became the governor came from Anambra. Enugu is likely because the governor is quiet but he benefited from Anambra people who supported him financially, heavily during his election.

So south east is in trouble already. Because what will happen is that since Ben Obi is working for Obiano,what they will simply do is to get Anambra people and sell APGA to them and they will sponsor APGA in the entire South East,that is what is ongoing now. Now the question is,Secondus having been in the party for a very long time,he knows all the tendencies in Anambra and all the characters,  so if he wants to fix the party,he can fix it. But the issue is that Chris Ubah is his friend,Wike does not like Chris Ubah’s face,he wants Andy who is in APC to take control of the party in Anambra.

That one is not possible. Ekweremadu will never want PDP to have peace in Anambra,so you’ll see that all they are telling Anambra people is just rubbish stories. They have done other things in other states and they did it simply,very straight, clearly. Why is Anambra not happening?


Chief Olisa Metuh

They have just conducted some congresses in Ekiti, nobody heard anything. In Wadata Plaza I’m sure they have more than three results of the purported congress,yet they have not been able to take one. And they will never take one. In Ekiti they have a smooth sail.

And it was clear,nobody complained. Somebody has gone to court to say that he won the congress. Now the issue is Ben Obi’s caretaker committee suspended Ken Emeakayi for from the party because Ken was in court against the party.

Ken wasn’t the only person in court against the party. National convention ratified it,it was governor Akpabio that moved the motion at the party convention that anybody that takes the party to court stands dismissed, loses his membership of the party.

So why haven’t Secondus them suspended or dismissed the people that took the party to court on the issue of Anambra congresses?

They will not do it because they don’t want a party in Anambra. All they are waiting for is three weeks to primaries they will set up a caretaker committee and then use the caretaker to milk anybody that wants to run for election in Anambra state on the platform of PDP.

Now,members of National Assembly are worried. ‘What do we do?’ They have written series of letters,they have complained verbally,written letters for them to come and do the right thing in Anambra,they refused.

Today, Olisa Metuh will say he is a member of PDP but he just got two of his siblings appointed as special advisers to governor of Anambra state.

So who is fooling who? That will show you that there is a grand plan that started like 10 years ago by the same people, because politically you  have Olisa Metuh,you have Ike Ekweremadu and Emeka Ihedioha these are the three strong, in fact I don’t know if they took an oath but you can’t beat them.

Emeka Ihedioha, Olisa Metuh, Ike Ekweremadu once they agree on anything they bulldoze it and make it happen. So the issue is that, I am very sure that there will never be a party in Anambra state unless Secondus decides to do otherwise or do the right thing.

But I can bet you he will never do it because if he does it he is hurting his friend Olisa Metuh, he is hurting Chris Ubah,he is hurting Ekweremadu and these were the people that made him national chairman.

He will hurt Ben Obi and he will hurt his main godfather Wike who wants Andy from APC to control PDP in Anambra . So these are the untold truths  and people will be suffering,

moving around ‘we want PDP,we want PDP in Anambra ‘ the party at the national level will never give them PDP. But let me tell you something that will surprise you, this issue of Anambra will affect PDP presidential election.

APGA will not have a presidential candidate,the governor of Anambra state Obiano is already working with APC for the presidential election. So,businessmen are businessmen. Once the governor takes you to the powers that be in APC, they will give Anambra businessmen businesses,they will fund their election.

Very simple and Buhari will win again. And Ekweremadu and the rest of them have looked at ‘this Anambra is too dicey for us let us even move a step forward’. They are now conspiring that the south east does not want vice-presidency anymore that they want senate president,that let South West complete their tenure but it is for selfish interests.

It is all grand plan to stop PDP in Anambra and to stop everybody from Anambra taking any position that will come. That is just the truth of the matter. You know it is easy to start something but stopping it or correcting it is difficult. And you know once you go on negative path you will continue with it.

You can’t go back. So if Secondus thinks he’s man enough let him come and do congresses in Anambra and let’s see. And that will show you that they are not sincere. Today they will bring in Atiku,they are talking to Kwankwaso,they are bringing in Tambuwal. What will Tambuwal do?

They are also speaking to Lamido. At the end of the day now,you will see them go to APC and take money from them and strike a deal because these people are deal strikers. They are merchants. And then put someone that cannot win an election.

And that’s why I told you that in their bid to stop PDP in Anambra,they will make a national mistake and destroy their party at the national level  and it’s as simple as that. So it’s unfortunate that there are people that wants to run election on the platform of PDP who will be very careful coupled with the fact that Uche Ekwunife lost her seat because of the process of primaries.

The Appeal Court said they have not seen a party that is as useless as PDP that will dissolve an existing executive three weeks to their primaries and then in their constitution it is only executive that will convene congresses at different levels. Elected executives.

Caretaker committee has not even favoured anybody in Anambra. Go and check the records. Mbadinuju was governor when Ofiaduru was state chairman. Ngige was governor when I.V Obi Okoye was state chairman. Andy was governor when Tony Nwoye was state chairman. Soludo lost election because he had a caretaker committee headed by Ogbu. Professor Osita Ogbu.

The same man that came to Anambra and mess that whole thing up. In this last congresses that never took place. It was Osita Ogbu. He has always lobbied to come to Anambra to make money.

If you know the volume of money he collected in this one that he came and yet nothing. So Soludo lost. The last time Tony Nwoye was candidate of PDP it was under a caretaker committee. So nobody has won any election in Anambra state PDP with caretaker committee.

So if people wants to run for election on the platform of PDP in this forthcoming election,they should go and hold Secondus responsible for him to come and do congresses in Anambra state otherwise nobody will win elections.

And you know other states from the South East are very envious of Anambra people. They don’t like them getting their heads up. So this is just the truth. You will see what will happen.

Caretaker in Anambra state,it will start producing caretaker in every other state and then the presidential primary will end up in a mess. And Wike will singlehandedly, because other governors look at Wike as senior prefect.

I want to clarify something, will it be right to say that the problem of PDP in Anambra started when Olisa Metuh became the South East  Vice chairman of PDP?

Yes you can be right to say that because Chris Ubah didn’t have what it takes to do the kind of manipulation Olisa can do.

Which role have he played in all these as PDP leader in the South east?

No role. Which role can you say he has played. Under his control there was no party in his state,is it now that you will put a party in his state?

I learnt there was a period he set up a Caretaker committee to solve the problem of Anambra PDP?

It was Sullivan and Ohakim were co-chairmen but Sullivan tactically,maybe I think he advised Sullivan, Sullivan withdrew and then pushed Ohakim to the front.

Are you saying Olisa advised Sullivan?

Yes because they are close and Ohakim came to the forefront and Anambra consumed him immediately.

Can you list the Names of several PDP chairmen you said got consumed by Anambra state?

If I should go back the memory lane,Solomon Lar was hurt by Anambra because of when he will produce this list and say this is the authentic list ,at a point Andy Ubah and Chris Ubah through Obasanjo moved against him.

Come down from 2007 check the number of national chairmen that PDP has produced. All their cases is Anambra. Nwodo was Anambra. Leave what they tell you is Enugu,it was Anambra. Anambra people has a way of fighting.

(Goodluck) Jonathan said that if God comes to sit on Anambra PDP matter that if God is not careful they will bribe Him. Anambra people will come and give you what you cannot say no to. And tell you the only thing they want is for you to deal with so so and so person.

What was Olisa Metuh position in PDP EX-CO before he became the South east vice chairman?

Olisa has been in the party for a very long time. National ex-officio, acting national youth leader,national auditor. He has been in the party all his life. Just like Secondus. Who started from local government chairman of the party, state chairman of the party I think at a point he was acting South South Chairman of the party.

He rose to national organising secretary,he became national deputy chairman,today he is the national chairman. So these are the people that understand the party that would have done something differently but because of their personal interest,they will never do the right thing.

You said Anambra people has reputation of making governors of other states,can you name the states and governors?

Bauchi. Who made Adamu Mu’azu governor of Bauchi state? Emeka Offor contributed heavily. Nasarawa state is Nicholas Ukachukwu. Abdullahi Adamu that is a senator now.

The current Ebonyi governor,Umahi was Ibeto. Enugu. Imo,this current governor,Rochas. Enugu was one guy that is unassuming from Nnewi. Ifeanyi Ubah throws money around. He will give this person,give this person. Even in Abia, Ifeanyi Ubah also contributed in making Ikpeazu governor. Not only that, Fayose them. He was giving them money.

Who are Statutory delegates of the party in the state?

Members of the National Assembly that are of the PDP,former members of national executive council,zonal executive committees

Are there people in the PDP in Anambra that are aware of all what you have said,why would intelligent people like Soludo, Osaeloka Obaze for instance that contested election under the platform of the party still went to the party?

No. Soludo is no longer in PDP. No they don’t have this information. This information is not information you pick on the main road. If you come to my house I’ll be preaching PDP,under my bed I’m talking with the governor that is of another party. So how would you know?

Chris Ubah in an interview he granted tried to insinuate Obi is one of the problems of PDP in the state?

It was PDP that sustained Peter Obi. Would Obiano have won this election if not because of PDP? These are the issues. Madness!

What is State of PDP in Anambra today?

If the national working committee should be gracious enough and pity the people of Anambra state and come and conduct credible congresses in Anambra state, I can bet you,PDP will sweep all the National Assembly elections. PDP will take not less than 70% of the state house of assembly. You know why?

Anambra people,go and check,they will tell you,even people in APGA will tell what we are enjoying today is the disunity in PDP. But they don’t know is that the disunity is not from Anambra people. It’s from people at the NWC. It’s NWC that enjoys it because of the money they are making from it. Too much money. It’s not small money.

Will these issues affect the chance of the PDP at the 2019 presidential election?

Well,if I’m a presidential aspirant and I have been a member of PDP, I will tell them to first of all go and ratify Anambra before we start. Because once they put caretaker in Anambra, Anambra people will go and sponsor crisis in all other PDP states and they will put caretaker there.

They will pay them and they will put caretaker. Once you dissolve an existing executive,naturally people from that executive from the ward to the local government at the state will see it that the party does not want us. So naturally they will follow their leaders and go and work for other political parties.

Interview granted by Ifeanyi Orji A PDP chieftain from Uga ward 1 , Aguata local Government Area, Anambra State, Anambra PDP insider from 1999 till date.

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