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‎PDP’s Olisa Metuh[selah]: An interpretation

olisa metuh,As publicity secretary of Nigeria’s main opposition party, Olisa Metuh, must be doing the dreariest, laziest and most thankless political job in the world. From

issuing contradictory statements to being the most unfriendly publicist around, Metuh has proved that, even if he outlives Methuselah, he will still lack what it takes to be the spokesman of Africa’s largest opposition party!

Metuh must be such a colourless publicist to be bypassed when former president, Goodluck Jonathan, weaved his presidential campaign organisation together. Of course, the chairmanship of the presidential media committee was Metuh’s to pick and therefore felt so slighted by being dropped for Femi Fani-Kayode to the extent of being linked with party members with divided loyalty!

Some have attributed Metuh’s poor showing to the (un)expected defeat of his party in the last general elections. What is implied here is that Metuh never thought he will be expected to do the job spokesman for an opposition because he too believed it will take Nigerians another sixty years to dismantle the rigging machinery put in place by his party. This is why Metuh will never attain the mark of clearheaded publicists such as MCK Ajuluchukwu or Lai Mohammed.

What makes Metuh such a pathetic case is his failure to grasp the facts on the ground. For instance, in an attempt to save the skin of corrupt members of the Goodluck Jonathan, Metuh once admonished the corrective Buhari/Osinbajo administration against what he vaguely referred to as selective probe. For scant of any sensible thing to say, Metuh countered himself when he remarked that the corruption case against senate president, Bukola Saraki, has pushed Nigeria to the precipice of fascism! How interesting!

This sounds funny because the corruption probe has not even commenced. And even if it has, what one expected any right-thinking Nigerian to do was to commend the Buhari/Osinbajo administration for not being selective in the probe of corrupt officials as Metuh admonished. May be Metuh should go find the Igbo parallel of the African proverb that says whoever slaps his blood brother has served clear warning that he will not hesitate to slap distant relations.

Metuh cannot be serious; he does not even look like one! If he is a serious person, he should go to his village to blab about the sitting government and he can be sure of a hostile reception from his people. The reason for this is simple: if Metuh had visited his village of recent, he must have realised that his kinsmen no longer sleep in darkness as light is more regular compared to the hellhole the failed PDP forced Nigerians into.

Credible publicity is not unidirectional. And, that is why Metuh cannot be a credible publicist! Otherwise, he must be commending the Buhari/Osinbajo administration for helping his failed party, the PDP, to cut down on money spent to power generators. But Metuh must be allowed to whine because regular power supply must have slashed what he makes from bogus IOU’s for diesel!

Metuh deserves our sympathy for the awkward position he finds himself especially at a time sanity is gradually to the polity. The gradual return of sanity means Metuh has to embarrass himself, a la Orubebe, to impress his principals. After all, his office has been appropriately mobilised, he has to justify the budget and he has to be seen to be working.

Let Metuh keep talking. That is what he is paid to do. But he will do well to realise that he risks further widening the yawning gap between Nigerians and his party by how wide he opens his mouth. Which of the changes Nigerians are witnessing today deserve to be foul-mouthed by Metuh? Is it improved power supply that even Metuh’s kinsmen are hailing? Is it the decision by the Buhari/Osinbajo administration to adhere to its pledge not to interfere with other arms of government?

By the way, what is Metuh’s grouse with the fact that refineries are now working? How does probing corrupt people and insisting on the rule of law amount to a crime? Why is Metuh scared of a probe? Can’t the man simply read the mood of the nation?

Abdulrazaq Magaji <magaji777@yahoo.com> lives in Abuja. <+ 234-805-138-0793>

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