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Peace Corps loses fine officer, Patriot Jason Akano

By Anekeoku Franklin

The Peace Corps of Nigeria (PCN) has lost one of its finest officers, Assistant National commandant Special Duties, Patriot Jason Akano.

The deceased, whose portfolio ranked as a member of corps National Executive council, died after a brief illness in Abuja.

Many youths who may have in one way or the other come across this gifted personnel can affirm that he lived a live worth emulating.

In the heart of his acquaintances his exemplary characters are aglow.

A classified true leader, legendary writer and a motivational spokesperson for a better youth movement empowerment skills and development.

Patriot Jason is well known for his poetic arrangements of profound writings and polite/peaceful usage of words while alive.

He has gained the heart of a thousand number of youths under the platform of the Peace corps of Nigeria nationwide.

As a liberal player of the organization, he was like a water which quenches fire burning in the heart of many disturbing moment, and a river which supplies it’s flows to lacking community for drinking .

Till death, Jason was a problem solver, a developer and answer provided.

He updates officers Nationwide and was able to unify thousands of officers under the body of Peace corps despite distance ,state ,tribe and religious difference.

The news of his illness was made open on December 2019 in which medical apparatus and treatments were applied until this morning when the said hero of many youths gave up his ghost after much battling with the illness .

As of the time of publishing this, informations has it that the late patriot Jason is survived by his wife and kids .from findings and gathering he was indeed a caring and loving father .

In 2017 after after the president’s un-approval of the Peace Corps Bill , Patriot Jason took upon him the task of harmonising the youths who feels pains and frustrated into a platform for consolidation.

There the youths where encouraged to be steadfast and remain positive with high hope for a better opportunity.

Jason was a philanthropist, a godfather, a mentor and a leader who believes in building the young ones into higher grounds to serve .

He was indeed a contented leader who was retained as an ANC Special Duty due to his unique and outstanding leadership qualities with good flexibility .

On several occasions, the said ANC when called on advice towards self grooming, will always say he was retained to a his position because he fits there otherwise he deserves more.

He was indeed a democrat and a fair player who believes in equal opportunities for those who worked for it.

Indeed he is gone but not in our heart, a hero, a mentor, a father and a leader will he ever be in the heart of many .

Rest in peace gallant.
Rest in peace Hero.
Rest in peace patriot Jason Akano.

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