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Persons behind assassination attempt on Lawyer Ejiofor, murder/burning of aide, staff abduction revealed

  • Late night assassination attempt on Lawyer Ifeanyi Ejiofor, abduction of his three domestic staff and murder and burning of his personal aide were carried out by Force Intelligence Bureau (Abuja) & ‘Special Force’ in Anambra ~ Intersociety


The International Society for Civil Liberties and Rule of Law (Intersociety) wishes to place it on irrefutable record that personnel of the Nigeria Police Force’s Intelligence Bureau or FIB, Abuja and the ‘Special Force’ in Anambra have been identified as being responsible for the ungodly hour (2.30am) of Sunday, June 6, 2021 invasion of Lawyer Ifeanyi Ejiofor’s ancestral Family House at Oraifite in Ekwusigo Local Government Area of Anambra State. Barr Ifeanyichukwu Ejiofor is a licensed legal practitioner, senior member of the Nigerian Bar Association and Advocate of the Supreme Court of Nigeria as well as a Human Rights Lawyer of international repute and Principal Counsel to the Indigenous People of Biafra and its leader, Mr. Nnamdi Kanu. The attack in his house by the murderous security operatives was a ‘mission to abduct, kill, burn and destroy evidence’ including ensuring that the abducted three domestic staff never come back alive. It is also our finding that the domestic staff: Felix Emeka Okonkwo (over 55years old driver), Ugochukwu Lawrence Okafor (20 year old gardener) and Ikenna Chibuike (35 year old gateman) are being held dead or alive in Abuja at the Directorate of the Force Intelligence Bureau, headed by DIG Tijani Baba.

Further investigation by Intersociety showed that the FIB personnel’s attack was carefully hatched in Abuja and executed in Anambra using the local services and lethal facilities, equipment and personnel belonging to the so called “Special Force’ in the State. The personnel and leaders of the ‘Special Force’ are drawn from Police, Army and other branches of the Armed Forces as well as the Paramilitary and Intelligence Agencies including NSCDC and DSS. On further investigation, it was discovered that ‘the Special Force’ is headquartered in Awka with units spread across Nnewi, Awka and Onitsha and is operationally headed by a field commander, an Assistant Commissioner of Police who reports to the Deputy Commissioner of Police for Operations in the State Police Command. The present DCP for Operations is Salman Garba Dogo. The ‘Special Force’ is placed under the general supervision of the State Commissioner of Police, Chris Owolabi.

However, in the instant case, CP Owolabi was away in Abuja in readiness for his meeting with IGP Alkali Usman Baba the next day being Monday, 7th June 2021 when the attack took place but the DCP Operations, Salman Garba Dogo was in town or did not travel with him. Other key figures behind the ‘Special Force’ are MOPOL 29 Commander, Awka, ACP Abubakar El-Jamal and the Commandant of the Onitsha 302 Artillery, Col Abdulsalam Abubakar Sambo, through his Commander of the Military Police, Major Ahmed H. In other words, the 6th June 2021 murderous attack at Oraifite was carried out without the operational and administrative knowledge and approval of the Anambra CP, Chris Owolabi or notification of the Oraifite Area Commander, ACP Felix Afolabi.

Lawyers close to Barr Ifeanyi Ejiofor also told Intersociety that the FIB personnel and officers that carried out the dastardly act not only bypassed the Anambra State Police Command Headquarters during the operation but the Command Headquarters also refused to take custody of the ‘exhibits’ (the abducted three domestic aides and their personal belongings such as cell phones, etc) when approached to do so after the dastardly operation had been conducted or carried out, forcing the named officers from FIB to take them to Abuja where they are presently held dead or alive. The murderous FIB personnel were also found to have used the field commander of the ‘Special Force’ in Anambra, an Assistant Commissioner of Police and others on the grounds or mentioned above who also provided them with support equipment and personnel used in the attack including soldiers, police, intelligence and paramilitary officers, patrol vans, armored personnel carrier and assorted automatic rifles, etc.

How FIB Coordinated The Attack

Intersociety had stumbled into two leaked ‘signals’, analyzed same and found that DIG Tijani Baba, who is in charge of the Directorate of Intelligence Bureau and a former AIG in charge of Zone 9, Umuahia had on 21st April 2021 issued a signal constituting a special team composed majorly of senior officers of his Department of Intelligence Bureau including AIG John Abang, immediate past CP, Anambra State, AIG Habu Sani, CP Sadiq Idris Abubakar and DCPs Adepoju Ilori, Abba Kyari and Kolo Yusuf; to “review the security situation in the country in relation to secessionist threats, etc, examine current strategies and evolve new operational plans towards curtailing them”…. Among the “new operational plans” recommended and immediately approved by their Commander-in-Chief were the use of extreme or jungle justice measures including false labeling, late night or ugly hour invasions and attacks; eliminations or horrific executions, abductions, disappearances, burning of houses and other civil properties and elimination of evidential traces. Examples of the above are the ongoing false and indiscriminate labeling, eliminations and other horrific killings, abductions and burning of houses, etc by DCP Abba Kyari’s ‘Intelligence Response Team/Special Tactical Squad’ in the East.

The analysis above has therefore proven beyond further doubts or denials that the Nigeria Police Force Intelligence Bureau, Abuja and its ‘special units’, code named ‘Special Tactical Squad (STS)’ and ‘Intelligence Response Team (IRT); jointly called “NHSS” are jointly and vicariously or directly responsible for the dastardly attack and other acts of infamy perpetrated at the Lawyer’s house, done under the authority and seal of DIG Tijani Baba and his cohorts, including AIG Habu Sani, AIG John Abang and CP Sadiq Idris. The murderous operation was also most likely to have been jointly or seperately coordinated by DCPs Abba Kyari, Kolo Yusuf and Adepoju Ilori and their FIB field operatives and locally assisted by the field Commander of the ‘Special Force’ in Anambra. Others such as DCP Salman Garba, DCP for Operations, ACP Abubakar El-Jamal, MOPOL 29 Commander, Awka and Major Ahmed H, Commander of the Onitsha Cantonment Military Police and their field operatives inescapably have some questions to answer over their vicarious or direct involvements.

It must be further pointed out that these investigative findings by Intersociety have also been corroborated by the CCTV footages recently released by Lawyer Ejiofor and his family which has gone viral and still trending on social media as well as key eyewitness account provided by the Lawyer’s elder brother, Joel Ejiofor, who was abducted alongside the three domestic staff but pushed out of the attackers’ convoy about ten kilometers away from where they set the Lawyer’s 2013 Model Toyota Camry ablaze and burnt it to ashes together with the Lawyer’s seven foot tall personal assistant, late Samuel Okoro, who was 43years old and had been the Lawyer’s personal assistant for over ten years. Intersociety had earlier found a leaked transmitted signal, leaked by one of the informants hired by the FIB killer squad wherein the account of how the murderous operation was conducted and names of the three persons abducted domestic staff and the slain and burnt personal aide were also given. This statement is hereby to put the record straight and for the attention of the international Community and apostles of justice and human rights and good conscience across the globe. Attached is the living photo of the slain seven-foot tall Lawyer’s personal assistant, Samuel Okoro.


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