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Peter Obi: An Eye On Possibilities Of The Time

By Theo Rays


As a change agent, I am always interested in taking a look at the possibilities of today’s world, thus I am interested in laying hands on workable ideas and knowledge and to identify with those who I consider good enough and capable of inspiring and actualizing possibilities. There are three things needed to inspire and actualize possibilities. They include good ideas and knowledge and capable people.

It is clear that today’s world is open to possibilities courtesy of good ideas and knowledge and capable people. It is also clear that what a third world country like Nigeria needs to develop into the class of the first world is to set eyes on the possibilities and then device the means such as good ideas and knowledge and capable people to inspire and actualize them.

As a close watcher of Nigeria situation, I have the observation that only few people are keenly interested in moving Nigeria inline with the possibilities of today’s world. One of them is an international businessman and former Governor of Anambra State who was the Vice Presidential candidate of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in 2019 election in Nigeria Mr Peter Obi.

A close watch on Nigeria situation, shows that the former Anambra Governor has not just set his eyes on moving Nigeria inline with possibilities of the time but has also deployed his time and energy to draw the attention of Nigerians that it is possible to make available what the country needs to affect a shift from the embarrassing class of the third world to the second or even the first.

He is going places telling Nigerians that, as obtainable in other countries it is possible to give the children good education and provide jobs for the youth. That it is possible to fix the roads and secure the country against violent crimes by restructuring it. He is inspiring hope of possibilities of a better Nigeria with a clear vision on restructuring.

Speaking on the benefits of restructuring in an interview with Channels Television, he said that the North would gain much more benefit of restructuring because of the fact that the region has a larger population to utilise into development and all they have to do to utilise the population is to give the people education.

I am of the observation and opinion that Obi I on the right track and it is good for Nigerians to identify with him, build around him, pray for him and give maximum support as we did in 2019 by voting for PDP massively. One good thing about Obi is that he is an embodiment of experience. He is not a learner having practicalised what he is preaching during his days as Govenor of Anambra State.

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