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Peter Obi’s platform speech and the fraud called #Change

Peter Obi's speech proves that our present economic recession was self-inflicted. This country is dying under Buhari. And if nothing is done urgently, we…

If there is one lesson we must learn from that groundbreaking speech by the immediate past governor of Anambra state; Peter Obi on Oct. 1st, it is that cutting cost in governance and making sure that the limited resources of the state is used for the betterment of the living condition of the masses is actually not as difficult as the present government is making it seem.

It is just a matter of having the interest of your people at heart enough to forgo all other unnecessary expenditure for their sake.

More importantly, Peter Obi’s speech further lent credence to what we’ve been saying, which is that our present economic recession was self-inflicted and could be surmounted without selling any of our national assets as the Buhari govt is planning on doing. All the Buhari-led govt need to do is to follow Peter Obi’s example.

Don’t forget, the ex Anambra state No.1 man (Peter Obi) was not campaigning when he made those speech. So it wasn’t like he was telling us what he would do if we elect him. He was actually telling us what he did while in office as governor. He gave details. He gave specifics. He named names. 

For instance, when he talked about the monies he left in the bank, he gave the names of the banks. 

When he said he left his governor’s lodge for visiting president Obasanjo and rented a hotel for himself and his wife just to cut the cost of building a presidential lodge for Obasanjo, he gave the name of the hotel and Obasanjo is still alive to counter him if he lied.

Peter Obi’s speech is like the truth which needs no one to defend it. It stands on its own. Everything Obi said on “The Platform” are things anyone could easily verify.

Now, take a second look at everything Peter Obi said and compare them to what is obtainable today under a government led by a man who promised #Change:

We have 11 planes in the presidential fleet. Just last month, we saw report that 50billion has been spent so far in maintaining those jets.

Now, ask yourself, what does the President need 11 jets for?? 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10….11. That’s the number of jets your President is maintaining in an economy that is in recession even when he promised to sell those jets during his campaign.

Imagine how much will be saved if he decides to follow Obi’s example by selling 8 or 9 of those jets??

During the just concluded United Nations General Assembly meeting in new York, a president whose economy is in recession went to the event with 122 aides including wife and children but without his finance minister. During the event, one of the daughters was busy chatting on her phone. We all saw the photo.

Now, ask yourselves: who and who were actually needed at that event? 

What exactly was the President family doing at the event? 

Has UNGA now turned to a chatting festival? 

Why go with 122 aides? 

Don’t forget, each of those aides and the President family members were checked in a hotel and regularly fed with the taxpayers’ money all through the event. 

Their flight tickets didn’t buy themselves, did they?

Imagine how much we would have saved if president Buhari had toed Peter Obi’s example and not traveled with such an outrageous number of people?

Just today, we hear that the President has appointed another media aide, bringing his number of media aides to 9 under an economy that is currently in recession.

In addition to Lai Muhammed who is in charge of information ministry, we have Garba Shehu who is the SSA on media (presidential spokesman)

We have Femi Adesina who is the SA on media and publicity. We have Tolu Ogunlesi who is the SA on digital media. We have Bashir Ahmed who is the PA on New Media. We have Lauretta Onochie as the PA on social Media. We still have Sunday Aghaeze as the PA on photography. There is yet the office of the official photographer occupied by one Bayo Omoboriowo. You think we are done? You better think again. There is still one Naziru Mohammed Bashiru Tela who is the PA to president Buhari on videography.

Remember, each of these appointees has a well-furnished fully equipped office with staff who are being paid with the tax payers money.

In an economy that is in recession?

Now, just so we are clear, social media is a component of New Media which is more or less the same as digital Media. But in other to settle sycophants, the President had to split them all and appoint different people to manage them. We have just been told that the new PA on social media will handle the President’s Facebook and WhatSapp account while the PA on New Media will handle Twitter.

Just imagine!

Imagine what we are hearing under a govt headed by a man who flooded the internet with photos of himself and his Vice drinking N20 sachet Milo in a bid to prove he was a very prudent man during the electioneering campaign!

How can a govt that is involved in this kind of waste still have the criminal audacity to ask the hunger-ravaged masses to tighten their belts?

Today, we not only have the office of the 1st lady against the President’s earlier promise to scrap it, we seem to now have the office of the 1st children who attend official functions with their dad outside the country at the expense of the tax payers!


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