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Peter Obi’s platform speech and the fraud called #Change


Regardless of your political affiliation, you need to forget politics here and tell yourself the truth!

Is this the #Change you voted for??

Is this what the President promised us during his campaign?

Is this the true reflection of his speech in London where he promised to cut waste and ensure prudent management of resources?

Forget PDP/APC for once and think about the common man on the street who is the direct victim of this waste. Think about the thousands of people who have lost their jobs as a result of this recession. 

Think about so many families that would go to bed tonight with no food. Think about kids who have had to drop out of school!

Everything shouldn’t be about PDP versus APC!

You cannot continue to cheer the President on even when he is progressing in error! You are doing more harm than good to him!!

Now we are talking of selling national assets. Why do we need to sell national assets when we could raise more than enough money just by heeding Peter Obi’s advice?

How can a govt that complain of not being left much by her predecessor now want to sell the little assets it inherited?

President Buhari’s plan to sell our national assets while still holding on to the 11 planes in the presidential fleet can be compared to a man who complains that his late dad only left him with their ancestral land and 11 vehicles but turns around to sell the ancestral land while still holding on to the 11 vehicles which he should have sold.

What will this man now leave for his own children?

Between selling your ancestral land to solve your financial problem and selling some of the 11 vehicles you inherited from your dad, which of the two options should a wise man choose?

Whether we believe it or not, this country is en route to Golgotha. This country is dying under Buhari. And if nothing is done urgently, we may be left with no country sooner than later.

The things we are witnessing under this govt don’t seem like some common administrative errors. On the contrary, it’s as though, this government is out to deliberately kill us all with hardship. 

This reckless appointments and duplication of offices just to settle party faithfuls at a time when Nigerians are dying of hunger is condemnable.

Peter Obi’s speech has now confirmed that contrary to what our leaders would have us believe, governance and prudent management of state resources aren’t rocket science. 

These things are actually doable. We have just been so unlucky to be bedevilled by wicked leaders who don’t really care about the people who put them in office.

Ours is a broken society presided over by broken men with no clues whatsoever as to what governance is all about.

Charles Ogbu


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