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Photo: Religion is a snare and a racket


“I’ve always had an issue with the use this statement; “Religion is the opium of the masses”, when quoted or rather misquoted most times to placate any religion-related act that possesses copious similitude to folly.

I always feel that this convenient use of the statement is bereft of commonsense, because a true opiate shouldn’t be anti-humane. And, I guess I’ve been constantly proven to be right.

In addition to the many bullshit brewed in the name of religion in a Nigeria for example, 717 people died yesterday in a stampede while performing Hajj rites in Mecca.

Now, think.

These people didn’t just drop dead, they didn’t asphyxiate, no, they were stampeded by their fellow pilgrims who wanted to *stone Satan so hard. I’m sure we can all picture what a “stampede” is, and how massive 717 lives is too.

All of these in the rat race to ratify religion, a supposed opium that keeps getting lethal.

Well, with all of these pointers that show how God isn’t represented in all of these sham designed as religious tenets, if you still think God is arithmetic, that *He is that ‘do-this-to-get-that diety’, then, your folly is generic.

As far as I’m concerned, Religion is that notorious bitch, well-positioned to prevent humanity from actually knowing God.” – 

Sayo Aluko 

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