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Plan to hijack the #EndSARS protest is political ~ by Annkio Briggs

The plan to hijack the rights & genuine protest of the youths of Rivers State to #EndSARS by some political interests to turn it into a protest “against the Government of Rivers State” is a selfish political plan that will not be forgotten by the genuine youths of Rivers State who have the rights to call on the Government of Rivers State to stand with them and protect the rights and lives of youths of Rivers State and Nigeria.

The genuine youths of Rivers are not fools they know their fellow youths who are against their Rights.

This is a plan to put the lives of the youths of Rivers State, the  parents of Rivers State will hold the opposition and the hijackers responsible for any harm (god forbid) to any genuine youth who is calling for the #EndSARS.

Ordinarily Gov. Wike was the First Governor to call for the End of SARs when this very group of Rivers Opposition Was calling for SARs to be left in Rivers for Political reasons.

I call on Gov. Wike to please remember that his majority support base are the Youths Of Rivers State, the minority opposition base are just a few youths, it is unfair to the majority of the voices of the youths of Rivers state to be drowned by the few youths of opposition base.

The call to the majority of Youths of Rivers State Not to come out, by law and suppress their rights and put their lives in danger is not right.

The basic rights of all must be protected at all times for all but the few in opposition claiming that same right must not over take the rights of the majority.

The Protest to end SARS is a right supported across the world on behalf of Nigeria Youths l appeal that our state and government should have a re-think and not forget   this state was first to call for EndSARS a few years ago. SARS have killed, extorted and tortured youths in higher numbers in the South.

To The Youths of Rivers State and Nigeria who are all my Children, l stand with as a mother in all things to do with your rights and future. I love you all and l want you all to be alive and able-bodied to take your future, intellect, wisdom and control your future.

We all parents and youths must live to fight another day.

Finally as an elder in Rivers State l call on Gov. Wike , to have a rethink on the statement of the Government banning the #EndSARs protest and Support the protest calling for the end of the killings of our children.


The men of SARS do not  discriminated between children of rich or poor, educated or uneducated, l can confirm l have been called out to help sons of politicians, judges and bricklayers in Port Harcourt.

Politicians l know have had to pay heavy monies to SARS to retrieve their Sons from SARs immediately before SARS kill their sons in the name of they look like Yahoo boys or they don’t like their hair styles.

Look at the photos below no one will want their son to be held by them, no grammar, anyone will pay anything to get their son released.

So yes, #EndSARs.

Federal Government and Police authorities must sack all former SARS members,

They are mentally not capable; it is deadly to retain SARS in any force or arm of force where they will have access to guns and authority over youths and adults.

Our youths must stay alive for their tomorrow.

Annkio Briggs, mother of all youths, mother of dragons.

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