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Plantashun Boiz: 2face, Faze, Blackface ‘reunite’ for Sound Sultan


The Plantation Boiz are back after years of being split and rarely ever found together in the same space due to issues that the general public has no accurate information of.

Plantashun Boiz, a Naija hip-hop and R&B music group which consisted of 2face Idibia now 2Baba, Faze and Blackface, was formed in the ’90s during their college years at the Institute of Management and Technology (IMT) Enugu.

The group however split up after the exit of 2Face Idibia, who wanted a solo career on the platform of Kennis Music at the time.

This didn’t go down well with the other members of the group who moved on and released solo albums.

On Sunday, the band reunited at ‘A night of tribute’ organised in honour of the late ‘Jagbajantis crooner’, Sound Sultan.

The defunct group made peace during Sound Sultan’s elder brother, Baba dee’s tribute where he urged the members of the Plantashun Boiz to make peace while they’re alive, as life can be fleeting.

He encouraged them to act in the spirit of forgiveness, oneness, love, and all that Sound Sultan represents

They put aside their differences and performed one of their hit songs in the memorial concert of late Sound Sultan.

This act left the audience alive and at home in an utter frenzy as it was a moment they all had craved to see someday.

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