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Poetic Corner: Arise Oh Africa

At the dawn of the coronavirus

This is a common course to unit us

Thousands have died in Europe

Africa cannot afford to elope

The virus has defiled orthodox medication

All focus is now on African herbal medication

Madagascar has taken the first shot

A united Africa should take a common front

There is conspiracy to discredit Madagascar

Africa must unit to make this plan scatter

The West is shrouded in fear

Africa cannot afford to tear

The Western economy is presently in shamble

Africa cannot afford to loose this gamble

Our destiny is presently in our hand

We must not fail to heat the dice hard

This is a onetime opportunity

Which can only be achieved by a common unity

We must defeat this scourging coronavirus

So the world can again respect us.

COVID Organics laboratory in Madagascar

Azowue, O. E.

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