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[Poetic Corner] I am the Dot; I am Igbo!

When you reach Dotland, you will see and meet Dotians


I am a proud dot(.), not a coma, hyphen or column. I am the dot, a proud one because the circle revolves around me as the nucleus and fulcrum, and hence can’t let me go hence they perish.

I am the dot; I am Igbo and a proud one. I can do without you hence my age long desire to leave but you cleave to me because you cannot do without me, else you perish.

I am the dot because I determine your ending as the dot does in a sentence. I am the dot because after me, there is no you, otherwise you should have let me go.

I am the Igbo, a real one with Igbo parents, the creator made me so. I am not EFULEFUS, I am a proud Igbo, the dot with indigenous roots in South East; a sizeable portion mischievously carved into South South, and a few villages in Kogi and Benue that are of Igbo origin. I am the dot, I am also the 3rd largest indigenous Ethnic group in Equatorial Guinea.

YES, I AM Igbo. I am Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu, Chinua Achebe, Nnamdi Azikiwe, Emeka Anyaoku, Alex Ekwueme, Chuba Okadigbo, Rochas Anayo Okorocha, Jim Nwobodo, Michael Okpara, Ikemba Iweala and his wife Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Pet Edochie, Anthony Onyemaechi Elumelu, Cosmas Maduka, Allen Onyema, Jim Ovia, Ifeanyi Uba, Orji Uzor Kalu, Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi, Peter Odili, Peter Obi, David Umahi, Patrick Utomi and millions of the greatest of people Africa has ever produced.

Yes, I am Igbo, the dot; that is why Canada made me the Minister of Justice and Solicitor General. Yes, I am Kaycee Madu, the first black man to be so elevated by Canada. I am Igbo, the dot and I am the first black mayor in London. I am Igbo, the dot, hence I emerged the first black president of a premier university in UK.

I am Igbo, I was rescued by white Red Cross officials during the Biafra war and taken to Zambia and renamed. Today, I am the president of Zambia, that little boy from Biafra land .

I am Igbo, my grandparents migrated to USA and my father, my siblings and I were born there and incidentally were  not taken home to be introduced to my roots in Nigeria before my granddad and dad passed on.

Yes, my name is T.D Jakes. I am the richest and top pastor in USA, and second in the world.  You see, that is why we are Igbos, the dot. Take us to exile, change our names, give us another origin; brainwash us to deny our “Igboness”, provided we have Igbo blood we will still achieve mouthwatering greatness.

I am Igbo, I am Igbotic, the dot that makes 8 out of the 1st 11 of your top football team and other sports teams. I am Igbo, the reason the name Nigeria is respected in sports.

I am Igbo, the dot that has taken the name Nigeria to the world through music, only rivaled by Yoruba in Music. Yes, I am Osita Osadebe, Oliver d’coque, Sir Warrior, P-Square, African China, Phyno, Flavor of Africa, and host of top circular and gospel musicians, etc. We are proud Igbos, the dot that has kept you above the pit.

We are Igbos, the pioneers and creators of Nollywood that generates billions in GDP to Nigeria. That is why we are the dot.

We are Igbos the enterprising and hardworking business people and traders who initiated and occupies the  computer village, Trade Fair Complex/Aspanda and Alaba international market producing three times of GDP of the entire North.

We are the geniuses of Nnewi International Market, Onitsha Main Market and Aba Ariaria Market. These markets in Lagos, Nnewi, Onitsha and Aba by the Igbos are ranked top in West Africa and top 7 in Africa.

It is kudos to the DOT. We are not just traders and business people.

If we leave business for any other thing we also excel, we don’t fear competition and depend on quota system to be employed.

We are intellectuals, we are creators, and we have international recognition for development such that our apprenticeship system is rated as top in the world that has produced the largest number of millionaires in the world and has now become a course in Harvard University.

Painfully, you don’t create but destroy.

We are known for wealth and development. Go to any Igbo quarter anywhere in the world, whether Dambuwal/Tamaje/Bafarawa Estate in Sokoto or Sabon Geri in Kano or Texas/New York in USA, you will smell wealth. Check anywhere Igbos are clustered in any town or city and compare with anywhere other tribes are clustered in the same towns and cities. We make money through creativity and enterprise and the towns and cities wherever we live feel the impact via our developmental impacts.

I am the dot which you have tried severally to scatter because you fear our dominance. You tried to scatter us by carving part of us into South South and Benue and Kogi, and tried to confuse our people you scattered into South South, and outskirts of Kogi and Benue, in an attempt to deprive us of top political power using divide and rule method.

Despite all your efforts we continue to thrive and would have become the Japan of Africa if you had let us go to become a country of ours. You tied us with your Stone Age and primitive cluelessness.

Now I can proudly claim to be a dot in the circle, your brainwashing did not work.

Onye m ka mma, akó la m onu.( I am far better than you, how dare you castigate me?).

Hahaha! I am proudly from the encircled dot… from the big dot in the most useless circle of the world. The dot that is the center of gravity.

The focal point of wealth, Wisdom, education, business, etc. The dot that determines the radius and diameter of all activities in the Land- the reference point- the bull’s eye!

It’s until you have a dot, your sentence is not complete. The nomadic commas, that cannot form a complete sentence are claiming land lock.

Like daddy Achebe wrote, if the center cannot hold, things fall apart and mere anarchy is ruled upon the land.

I am a stalk of that dot that got only £20 pounds and all his cash in bank and properties confiscated. That  £20 pounds generated Billions in less than a decade, yet a man who has 150 cows since 1984 has the mouth to utter rubbish against me!

I am from the dot (.), the origin of life!

The spot where all goodness begin! The dot that has a special language that the youths understand; not the whines of wolves and baboons that encircle me, yet we are protected above all Nations!

How can I fear a man who speaks only Fulfulde to his misled brothers and cows and thinks he can speak a language I don’t understand?

The man of dementia says the dot is encircled and landlocked with no access to anything but does not know that the dot is connected to everything and no part of the diameter or radius is determined without passing through the dot. I am left to wonder what all the water bodies surrounding Nigeria contributes to the GDP.

I belong to the dot.

I am onye spare parts. The one that has spare parts shops everywhere. The one that Buhari says he has properties all over the country.

I am from that dot that is so rich that I can buy up your lands and even your ancestors graves and dig pit toilets on them.

Yet an encircler who roams about my bushes and can’t pay for a room with a mat as his only property is proudly talking trash on national TV.

I belong to that dot that produces cars, imports and exports everything, collectively the 6th richest ethnic in the world and 4th most travelled in the world, yet threatened by an onions producer, whose farms are even funded by CBN loans generated from revenue of the dots.

Dear comma, hyphen, apostrophe, semi column, bracket etc., I am from that dot that worries your Heart, the dot that will make you come to Yoruba land and not mention Sunday Igboho but sing Nnamdi Kanu.

The dot that makes you go to North and not mention Abubakar Shekau but only talk about Nnamdi Kanu, anywhere anytime and anyhow.

Leave me alone! Your efforts for years to conquer yielded some fruits in other places but failed and continues to fail in the DOT, so we understand your frustration.

I am proudly the dot you can’t do without. The Igbo dot, onye spare parts, respected, honoured and thriving all over the world for his/her hard work, smart work and creativity.


(C) Authored by Dr. E.S.O
The dot, a proud Igbo man, not efulefu.

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