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Police Arresting APC Members on Obaseki’s Orders ~ Edo APC

Members of the All Progressives, APC across the three Senatorial districts of Edo state are now being arrested by the Nigeria Police on the orders of Governor Godwin Obaseki, John Mayaki, APC spokesman in the State alleges.

In press statement obtained by ElombahNews and signed by the Director of Communication and Media, Mr. John Mayaki clarified that the arrests which begun in the night of Sunday, 20 September, are clearly meant to hound and harass APC supporters for no offence.

It said: “We condemn the indiscriminate arrest of our supporters across the three zones of South, North and Central, and appeal to the Inspector General of Police (IGP) to call the State Commissioner to direct police authorities to stay off Obaseki’s vengeful politics.

“While APC as a party is yet mourning the three lives of its members lost during the election, Governor Obaseki has continued to intensify campaigns of revenge against APC members and supporters, harassing and hounding them massively into police detention camps across the state, clearly on trumped charges.

“It is worthy of note that Mr. Obaseki has been extending fake olive branch to members of our party across the state, while at the same time ordering arrests of those ones who prove stubborn and would not fall for his fake overtures.

“We hereby urge members of our great party and supporters across the state to remain calm and steadfast, even as processes are ongoing to bring the Obaseki madness to deserved rest,” the statement read.

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