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Police Command premises turned sacrificial ground to appease Bini gods


Trending in Benin kingdom. The prince has been released but cannot go back home until all the rights of cleansing the land has been performed. The police has been given conditions which include dogs, cows, and several other rites before the prince can return to his palace. 


…Police Command premises turned sacrificial ground to appease the gods.

Just like every other arrests of hapless citizens carried out by Edo state police command resorting to huge amount of money in securing bail, this particular arrest and detention of a traditional ruler in Benin kingdom shocked the command and unsettled the kingdom.

In Benin kingdom, there is a priest called Ohen’ukoni or Oba N’ikhuen who is prohibited by Benin tradition and custom not to set his foot in Benin city or see face to face with the Oba of Benin. It’s believed that, whenever he sees face to face with the Oba, the unimaginable would happen.

Two days ago, acting on a petition, the state police command invaded his palace along Auchi-Benin Expressway in Uhunwonde Local Government Area to arrest him. Upon their arrival, he informed them he is not allowed to enter Benin City owing to the dire consequences to the kingdom. The officers were adamant and took his warning with a pinch of salt, saying ‘nothing dey happen’, they even boasted that they can arrest anybody including Mr. President.

They forcefully brought him to the command and detained him. It was reported that, as soon as he stepped his foot in Benin city, the kingdom got the signs and that resulted to the heavy rainfall experienced on the said day. It was reported also that, the Monarch got the signs and the uneasy tension set in.

It became more serious when it occurred to the police command that, the suspect in their custody is not just a mere one but a VIP in the kingdom as soon as they began to hear incantations in their premises and several dogs were slaughtered too in different locations with the command.

He has since been released but the tension and dust raised are yet to settle even as the petitioner is on the run. The matter is still hot presently as there must be some spiritual cleansing of the kingdom.

We will get the public updated as more revelations troop in.

Leftist Osazee Edigin
Public Relations Officer
Edo Civil Society Organisations

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