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Police denies video of DPO fighting with woman over bail money

The social media is awash with video of a DPO allegedly fighting with a woman in Owerri. Watch and be the judge…

Police response…

I think the PPRO has largely debunked this erroneous video clip. But for those who are more interested in sharing it, I wish to say I’m the DPO Owerri North Division, and I’m not in that video, and nobody fought over money on the road.
The person in that clip is my DTO, an ASP who was viciously attacked by a driver and his friend who drove against traffic close to Toronto junction along MCC – URATTA Road yesterday.
A traffic policeman stopped him but he called his bluff. The DTO who was nearby approached to intervene but the driver zoomed off, and in the process, nearly ran over the policemen. They ducked and scampered for safety but a baton hit the side mirror, and it pulled out but didn’t break.
The DTO, thinking the offending driver had escaped returned to mediate in feud between two okada groups. Unknown to him, the driver and his friend had parked their car afar off and ran back to attack him. They tore his shirt and inflicted human bite on his chest and thumb. The clip only showed where the DTO held on to the driver so he will not escape as he awaited reinforcement from the base. The other assailant is bare chest in the clip. It was the traffic policeman who alerted my S O who went with other men to rescue the DTO. The other assailant, since he was not confined escaped.
This is the true story of what transpired. The suspect volunteered a statement and admitted these facts therein. The video clip was made by a nearby POS operator who is heard ranting that it was the DPO who was fighting. It’s ridiculous to even contemplate that someone can actually fight over bail money along the road!
As a critical stakeholder in this command, the least I expect from colleagues is to seek my perspective on a scathing narrative like this, which has rippling effect on our collective image, rather than pandering to the malicious intent of mischief makers.
Last word: my DTO is a victim here, and not a villain. While not excusing everything he did, I think he too has the right to defend himself and ward off unwarranted attacks from lawbreakers!
– DPO Owerri North

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