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Police — End Injustice & Oppression In Nigeria: Emeka Ugwuonye As Case Study

(Statement by DPA Administration, October 12, 2019)

We, the DPA management, are grateful to all Nigerians and our non-Nigerian friends, who have awoken to demand the release of our leader, Emeka Ugwuonye.

Yes, corrupt and criminal elements in the Abuja Command of the Nigerian Police Force fabricated a murder charge against Emeka Ugwuonye.

They knew that Emeka could NEVER have committed the offense, as he never ever knew about the existence of the victim until one whole month after the woman went missing.

Emeka heard of the woman’s disappearance for the first time only because DPA was engaged to help find the woman. The police knew that too.

DPA, through a most advanced investigative method, was able to solve the case within a week of engagement, while the police had remained clueless for a whole six weeks.

The police knew this, as you will see when you listen to an audio recording of a phone conversation with the IPO in the case. The audio recording has been with our lawyers for over a year.

Also, that audio recording will show you how the police admitted covering up the truth even after they became aware through the help of DPA.

Also, the police knew that the two men charged along with Emeka Ugwuonye never met Emeka Ugwuonye until after they were arrested, that is, until after DPA obtained the audio recording. Indeed, the police admitted that, not knowing that they were being recorded.

The Police Commissioner Bala Ciroma charged Emeka with murder because Emeka discovered and was about to expose the illegal police prison, called Abattoir, where the police murder suspects after stealing their properties.

They charged Emeka Ugwuonye with false murder in order to break him and totally silence him. They understood that our judicial system is in terrible state and many of our judges are inept, incompetent or too timid to rule against the corrupt police officers.

So, the police are hiding behind the weakness and failures of the Nigerian judicial system to justify the unlawful and unjust detention of an innocent man.

Emeka is fighting against the criminals in police uniform. It is a fight that concerns every Nigerian.

For too long now, criminals and murderers in police uniform have held this nation to ransom, killing, maiming and plundering the lives of the innocent as they please. You will not keep quiet and watch them continue.

That is why we have applied to the National Assembly demanding full scale legislative hearings into the atrocities of the police. The killings of innocent Nigerians by the police and the overwhelming criminality of the Nigerian police MUST STOP NOW.

We have also contacted the Governments of the United States, Britain and other nations through their embassies. The world must know what has been going on in Nigeria.

This matter has gone beyond the detention of Emeka Ugwuonye and his release is no longer enough to correct the injustice.

DPA is now demanding the removal of every officer involved in this charade, the closure of Abattoir and similar killing grounds maintained anywhere in Nigeria by the police, a full investigation into other cases of innocent people who were either killed by the police or are facing fabricated charges.

The courts are not capable of checking the police or protecting Nigerians from abuses by the police. DPA is looking to the National Assembly and the international community for help.

We urge everyone of you, who can, to use the following picture of Emeka as your profile picture for this period that we are demanding for justice.


God bless you all.

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