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Political terrorism as anti-corruption: Saving rule of law from brink 


Buhari & his co-travellers in the country’s current state of toxemia have fully resorted to political terrorism & barbarism in anti-corruption crusade

It is no longer hidden that President Muhammadu Buhari and his co-travellers in the country’s current state of toxemia have fully resorted to political terrorism and barbarism in their so called “anti-corruption crusade”. 

Hiding under the guise of “anti-corruption” to perpetrate heinous State crimes such as treason, State murder and other forms of official terrorism, had been a recurring decimal in Nigeria; dating back to January 1966, during Nigeria’s first military coup. 

Major Gen Muhammadu Buhari (as he then was), used the same excuse to oust the democratically elected Presidency of Shehu Shagari on 31st December 1983.

Since then, successive military and civilian governments in Nigeria had laid claims to “fight against corruption” as the corner stone of their administrations. 

The Obasanjo civilian administration of 1999-2007, was exceptionally noted to have gone extra mile in creating visible anti-corruption agencies such as EFCC and ICPC, created between 2000 and 2004. 

His anti-corruption policies were also relatively proactive, civil and rule of law compliant; whereas those of the past military and civilian administrations particularly that of the Buhari military regime (1984-85) were archaic, retrogressive and repressive.

This is on repeat mission in the current Presidency of Muhammadu Buhari with worst yet to happen.

In all these, Nigeria has ended up losing billions of dollars to its criminal political gangsters with over 90% of the looted funds ending up not recovered. 

The worst is that the more the host administration shouts “fight against corruption”, the more public funds are looted in its present and connivance with reckless abandon. 

Corrupt practices in Nigeria have not only gone e-gold or electronically undetected, but they have also been entrenched and clothed with impunity. 

As we speak, criminal enrichment in the country going viral with illicitly acquired properties springing up in leading Nigerian cities. 

A trip to Nigerian roads and security checkpoints is another eye opener and a fundamental measurement of President Buhari’s policy-noise on corruption. 

Extortion at military (including soldiers and navy) checkpoints is now scientific and artistic with civilian agents recruited as collection agents under negotiated percentage settlements.

In Nigeria of present political composition, looters are endlessly looking for the looted with the looting going on rampage underneath or expressly. 

A president who is flown in a private jet, acquired with looted funds, is busy looking for the looters. 

Lawyers particularly the Silk, who illicitly charge roguish serving and former political office holders hundreds of millions of naira as consultancy and professional fees in high profile State graft or electoral cases, from illicit public funds, have joined “the fight against corruption”. 

Those who milked dry States like Rivers, Lagos and Edo and left them in quandary of indebtedness and penury are now “agents of anti-corruption”; likewise print, visual and a number of pro establishment online media, acquired with looted public funds.

Some mainstream CSOs and their leaders with juicy cuts from looted funds; propertied and motorized, are also “singers of anti-corruption in Nigeria”. 

Today, in Nigeria of Buhari’s Presidency, political opponents and opponent activists and independent senior judicial officers are cajoled, threatened, repressed and labelled “looters” and treated like violent criminals. 

These respected citizens are routinely taken into custody before investigation with prima facie evidence thousands of miles away to be laid on against them. 

When in custody, torture becomes a routine to force them to admit committing non-existent crimes or offences. Where reverse is the case, they are held incommunicado for months with impunity and untried.

Fighting corruption with “captains or doyens of corruption” leading the way or procuring the “government in power”, is akin to inviting a serial human parts dealer to come and become a defender of human rights in the human rights community. 

These explain the current State of bastardized and corrupted anti-corruption policy direction of the Buhari Administration; where political terrorism and barbarism now hold sway.  

Having carefully studied the recent late night State violence by President Buhari’s DSS against some respected senior judicial officers and associated revelations by some of them including Hon Justices John Inyang Okoro and Sylvester Ngwuta Nwali (serving Justices of the Supreme Court of Nigeria) as well as Hon Justices Adeniyi Ademola, Mu’azu Pindiga and Nnamdi Dimgba (serving Judges of the Federal and State High Court); we are, again, shocked and dismayed as what Nigeria has turned into in the past 17 months of Buhari’s Presidency. 

The roles of the print and visual media and a number of pro establishment online media are also very saddening; likewise the turn-coat position of the NBA.

These quickly remind us of an immortal advice handed down to one Chris Ubah by Mr. Peter Obi (as he then was), who later became the Governor of Anambra State. 

The latter had advised the former to “guide his unguided utterances against judges handling the then Anambra State Governorship Election Petition Tribunal (September 2003 to August 2005) because it will take him 20 years to become a judge, that is if he so wishes and goes back to school to continue from where he dropped in junior secondary school”.


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