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Presidency chides Allen Onyema, says go to U.S, clarify your name


A senior aide to President Muhammadu Buhari on Social Media, Ms. Lauretta Onochie has chided the CEO of Air Peace Airline, Chief Allen Onyema to go to the United State of America to face his accusers and shift gaze away from the Presidency.

Ms. Onochie took to her Twitter handle to unleash rebukes on the embattled businessman who was indicted by the United States government for money laundering allegations.

Recalling how Onyema evacuated Nigerians stranded in South Africa during the xenophobic attacks free of charge, Onochie claimed that the embattled CEO of Air Peace had an ulterior motive.

ElombahNews had earlier reported how the US Attorney General’s office in Georgia, in a press release, alleged that Onyema along with his airline’s Chief of Administration and Finance, Ejiroghene Eghagha, were charged to court for falsifying documents and money laundering.

Both were accused of moving more than $20 million from Nigeria through US banks in a scheme “involving false documents based on the purchase of airplanes,” the US document said.

Ms. Lauretta Onochie

Reacting to the allegation, Ms. Onochie told off Chief Onyema that the President Buhari-led federal government has no hands in his travails.

She said that rather pointing accusing finger at the seat of power, Onyema should go to America and clarify his name as “American laws go after those who BREAK them”.

She tweeted:

“I do not understand what Pres. @MBuhari has to do with Mr. Onyema of Airpeace being indicted and charged in the USA.

“According to our Attorney General, the Fed. Govt. has not even been informed of the situation.

“American laws go after those who BREAK them. What a man sows….

“How much has Nigeria invested in the Niger Delta Amnesty Programme, NDDC & 13% derivation funds?

“All, mostly in a black hole Do we know the extent of poverty, ignorance & disease in the Niger Delta? Please let America too help us see how Niger Delta underdeveloped Niger Delta

“Those of us from the Niger Delta who are the direct beneficiaries of the sufferings that emanated from the looting of our wealth, will tackle them.

“It’s our war that is being fought. Laws, Nigerian or American, go after those who break them so we must mind our business. QED!

“We are smarter now than ever before. Gradually, the scales of tribalism, religious affinity and political loyalty, are falling off our eyes and being replaced by Nigerianism.

“Nigerians are not keen on tales by the moonlight. Let him Return to America and face his accusers!

Another social media influencer, name withheld, also shared similar thoughts, during an interview with ElombahNews.

He also claimed that Onyema, by helping Nigerians lifting them from South Africa amidst jubilation, was to gain Nigerian masses heart towards something like this.

He said:

“Onyema when he was on the news helping Nigerians by lifting them from South Africa, people were in jubilation that he was a kind man.

“My mind told me that he wasn’t doing this out of kindness but to gain Nigerian masses heart towards something like this that will soon come out.

“I saw this but I thought it will come from Buhari.”

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