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Presidency Releases Photo Of Buhari Reading Newspaper After Amaechi’s Scathing Remarks

The Presidency has released photo of President Muhammadu Buhari reading a newspaper after the claim by the Director General Of Buhari Campaign Organisation, Mr. Rotimi Amaechi that the president does not read.

Mr. Amaechi made the allegation in a secret audio recording leaked over the weekend.

Amaechi, who is also the Minister of Transportation under Buhari, purportedly said in the leaked audio that Buhari doesn’t read nor listen to anybody.

“The president does not listen to anybody. He doesn’t care. You can write what you want to write. Does he read?” Amaechi said in the tape.

“I was flying with him in the aircraft and we saw a news report where a goat seller was complaining that he couldn’t sell his goats during Sallah because of Buhari’s administration. And the president said what my business with goat sellers is?”

Since the tapes were leaked to public domain, the minister has neither denied nor admitted he indeed made those statements.

President Buhari’s critics believe the latest photo is his response to Amaechi, saying that Buhari is furious at Amaechi.

They claim that Buhari is now forced to read for the public to see after the damaging audio speech.

Speculations are also rife that the audio is not unconnected to the demotion of Amaechi by Buhari in the Buhari Campaign Organisation hierarchy.

Amaechi will henceforth take orders from Asiwaju Ahmed Bola Tinubu.


Buhari Demotes Amaechi, To Now Take Orders From Tinubu

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