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The President Who “Would Have” Become A Hero! – Part One

By Fortizo PEN

The Choice of Ethnicity, Religion, And the Constitution of True Federalism

The bane of leadership is that it has no known formula, or cast in stone formulae. Leadership all over the world has its own challenges, nuisances and downtime, however great leaders that have succeeded in changing the fortune of their country, all have certain skills, knowledge, and temperament.

It is a known fact that there are no known singular solution or strategy, available in resolving the leadership across Africa due to her peculiarity, in language, geography, religion, believe pattern, and educational attainment.

But for the purpose of this discussion, am concentrating on Nigeria.

Nigeria since independence has a different stroke of failed leadership, from the military to democratic purview, none of the eras ventured to deliver any form of “GREATNESS” for the well over 200 million Nigerian people, with a teaming young population in the region of 70%.

From the military regime to the current political gladiators, Nigeria is still basking in the euphoria of skullduggery, corruption, nepotism, religion, ethnicity, and blatant lack of a “Visionary Vision” for her people.

In spite of the highest form of human resources available to it, to the locked-down riches of mineral resources, scattered all over the country, the giant till date is yet to simply walk, not to talk of running, or sprinting across the race track of global gladiators of comity of nations, within her continent or globally.

For a country that has gone through a condemnable civil war of the 60’s, military rule of the 80’s, and visionless democratic political acrobat of the 90’s, one wonders how this great giant even eke out a living year in year out.

– The Nigerian Leadership has become more of interest of a few, and not of the larger populace.

– Her leaders, blinded by the race of pyramid binary leadership race.

– Thereby allowing for the middle-men the civil servants, whom are expected to be the bastion of “Due Process” and the “Custodian” of meritocratic norms, violating and desecrating same, all in the form of winner, takes it all style, and my loyalty is to “Mr. President”, or to the “CNC”, and no more my loyalty is to the people, in whose, “sweat, blood, and tears”, own the democracy being practice, and also own the funds, being misused.

The people are currently hounded by hooded fierce looking uniform men, once they dare to protest, men and women are being fell, in their own blood like the clatters of river splash on a ridge. Leadership has for far-flung years, left the people, by their display of reckless and “Tidal” abandon.

– The people have no more a “Vanguard as a Hero”!

– The people have no more a “Guardian as a Custodian”

– The people are locked up in their innermost darkness, never to see the “Sun Again”.

– Our “Nation” no more contains only Nigerians, but murderous foreigners killing innocent Nigerians.

– “This day”, the people barely know what to expect, from the many celluloid movie making politicians without an editor, a producer, or choreographer, they write their script as it pleases them, without regulations.

– Our politicians and Legislative entities are concurrently throwing arsenic “Punches” at each other.

– The host of the people are afraid, “Past Midnight News” coming from both the central government and the government of the states.

– The Nigerian people today have no “Tribune” as a voted official plebeian(s) representing or protecting their interest.

– The “Daily” dose of demoralized commentaries, and leaders spewing bile opening and yet gag the people in turn not to respond, by the same measure they tagged hate speech.

– The average Nigerian can’t access seed funding for his/her small-scale “Business Day” running or investing to expand.

– “Leadership”, has now become that of the highest bidder, and that of majority alone, and not of inclusiveness anymore.

– Nigerians are no more the “National Mirror” of their country just like the 60’s, 70’s and early 80’s abroad, they are now hounded, rounded-up, killed and locked up different jail across the globe, even South Africa, our kit, and kin.

– Collective national discuss, both from the elite, socialite, noble and revered lacks in all the fluency “Media Trust”, within Nigeria and outside Nigeria. Our media is currently battling the English lexicon called Hate Speech and Fake News.

– International and local “Nigerian Observers”, are dossal awaiting the country to self-implode, on the annals of the benefit of spoils of war.

– In “Defending” and, “Daily Championing”, the “National Networking” of young and sane minded intellectual Nigerians, irrespective of creed, region or zone they come from, in strategically fighting the system intellectual-wise in preparation of wrestling “Daily Independence” of Nigerian polity are being tagged with paid internet trolls, to impugn their character for months un-end, or they get the “Equally Fear, Fierce Containment” of their person or persons.

– It is a known fact that the “Business Hallmark” of Nigeria Agriculture, Oneness, Coal, Cocoa, Fishing, Lather, Cattle Rearing, Mining, Education, and Love, has suffered the worst primordial negligence in the history of human race.

– Memos, upon memos, conferences upon conferences has been organized for the way forward, in governance of Nigeria, but each government of the day keep send new “New Telegraph”, of Transparency and Change to the people of Nigeria, without corresponding benefit being felt by the people, even after interview upon interview published by a genre of publication house called “Tell Magazine”, with wide international coverage could not sway the maladministration being wittiness in Nigerian since her inception.

As it is today, I shall stop-for-moment, my ranting, but “truth is the conscience of the people” while silence kills the soul of greatness.

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