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President Buhari is implementing ISIS ideology [Must Read]


President Buhari

He admitted that he had hardly begun figuring out the Islamic State’s appeal. 

“We have not defeated the idea,’’ he said. ‘’We do not even understand the ISIS idea/ideology before now.’’

In the past years, President Obama has referred to the Islamic State, variously, as ‘’not Islamic’’. 

A statement that reflected CONFUSION about the group, and have contributed to significant strategic errors about seeking to end the great harm that the group posed to humanity earlier!

It’s in seeking to end the confusion about the initial errors about the ideology of ISIS (its aim, mission and ambition) that led to Major General Nagata outlining these Ideologies. 

This incidentally formed the basis of the extensive investigation and research carried out by PETE HOEKSTRA who incidentally is a senior fellow at the Investigative Project on Terrorism in Washington DC. 

The investigation by Hoekstra culminated in him warning in an article published recently in Wall Street Journal that ‘’BUHARI IS NIGERIA’s PROBLEM, NOT ITS SOLUTION’’.


This timely warning according to a credible source at the Investigative Project on Terrorism is based on overwhelming evidences that Buhari’s government is implementing ISIS ideology in Nigeria. 

A country that prides itself as being a secular state!

The source will however enumerate and compare few of these ideologies to prove the case against the government.


ISIS makes no secret that its ultimate ambition is to create a Global Caliphate secured through a global war – To what end its speaks of ‘’remaining and expanding’’ its existing hold over territories it has captured.

In same vein, Buhari has made no secret his ultimate ambition to drive away indigenous people (mostly Christians) from their indigenous communities and occupy through the activities of his fellow Fulani herdsmen.

“Since Buhari became the president, the Fulani herdsmen have developed a mentality of WE OWN THE NATION SINCE ONE OF US IS NOW IN POWER.  

This 4th most dangerous terrorist group in the world has become so emboldened by the tacit support of Buhari also known as the African Hitler Muhammadu Buhari (AHMB). 

The AHMB’s government simply looks the other way while these killings, driving away and occupying of these indigenous communities continues. 

However, the government even sometimes boldly makes some flimsy excuses on why it can’t afford to stop the rampaging marauders ’’ the source said.


“Despite the enormous firepower, the resource and technology the USA and its allies can bring to the battle field, ISIS is doing all it can to drag the West into a broader battle. 

“It’s gruesome murder of American hostages was part of this strategy of provocation; so are their continued attack in France and other soft target attacks around the world. 

“With this provocation strategy “THEY WANT US TO BECOME EMOTIONAL’’. The source added

“In Comparison you will discover that this strategy of provocation is equally being deployed by the Buhari administration, it aims to make their victims to become emotional and retaliate so as to give him an excuse to go on rampage of slaughtering innocent citizens. 

“He fully deployed this strategy against the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) by murdering harmless protesting youths and those who have gathered to pay their respect to their fallen heroes during the recent Biafran Heroes day anniversary at Nkpor on 30th May, 2016 leading to the killing of over 140 defenseless Biafran youths and maiming of many others. 

“The good thing however, is that IPOB has adopted our recommendation and made it clear that it will never be provoked to arm struggle when it is not yet Chukwu Okike Abiama’s appointed time. 

“We are carefully studying these events,” the source quipped.


“ISIS ideology as a militant Sunni Muslim group is also fixated with purifying Islam, and that means eradicating Christians and Shia Muslims. 

“ISIS has already shown extreme cruelty towards Shiites, most notably been the slaughtering of more than 1,500 Iraqi air force cadets in Tikrit in June 2014 amongst others,” the source recalled

“On the other hand, AHMB’s government in following the footstep of ISIS leader, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi has even shown more cruelty in dealing with the Shia Muslims in the country. 

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