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President Buhari’s Remarks During Submission Of Forms

Remarks By H.E. Muhammadu Buhari President Of The Federal Republic Of Nigeria During Submission Of Expression Of Interest And Nomination Forms, 12th September 2018

I am here in person among friends and colleagues to put my name forward to my party, the All Progressives Congress, seeking nomination to contest the Presidential Elections next year, 2019.

  1. Fellow party members, I am taking this step with all humility, sense of responsibility and an unquestionable desire to serve and protect the interests of all Nigerians.
  2. I am very grateful to those dozens of organizations who have joined together and contributed funds to purchase these forms. I assure them and the rest of Nigerians that, if nominated and if elected, I shall continue to serve you to the best of my ability.
  3. Let me today appeal to party members not to be complacent but to prepare, strategize and win in 2019 elections. We must not allow those who brought the country to its knees from 1999 to 2015 to come and take us back.

Long live APC

Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Thank you all.

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