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President Muhammadu Buhari: 20 remarkable achievements

1) President Muhammadu Buhari is diversifying the economy. Through the CBN anchors borrowers program in the agric sector, hundreds of thousands of jobs have been created and thousands of new millionaires have emerged. The mineral resources sector has recorded a significant growth too. Our economy still largely depends on oil, but we’re beginning to export other goods too. 

2) Buhari successfully removed the dreaded fuel and fertilizer subsidy, saving the country hundreds of billions of naira and eliminating corruption in that sector. 

3) Through the expanded implementation of the TSA, transparency and accountability has been brought to public transaction thereby reducing corruption significantly. 

4) The deployment of BVN for payroll and pension audits has resulted in the discovery of about 50 thousand ghost workers, saving the country billions of naira every single month. 

5) Buhari has restructured the NNPC to become more transparent, accountable, and productive for the first time in its history. 

6) The war against Boko Haram has been largely won especially with the capture of Camp Zero. Reconstruction work is ongoing In the north east. The economic and social life of the region has been restored, and thousands of persons held in captivity by Boko Haram have regained freedom. Thousands of displaced persons have returned to their homes while others are being cattered for by the government. Majority of the abducted Chibok girls have also been rescued. 

7) Hundreds of thousands of Nigerians have been gainfully employed through the Npower scheme. There is free school feeding program going on, and thousands of most vulnerable Nigerians drawing a monthly stipends in what is one of the biggest social intervention program in history. 

8) Hundreds of billions of stolen and looted Naira have been recovered through the whistleblowers program, direct submission by the corrupt, confiscation of stolen properties. The EFCC has made more money for Nigeria since Buhari took over than it has made in its entire existence before now. 

9) Buhari has given bailout to state governments. When he took over, 27 states were unable to pay salary, but they can now do so because of Buhari’s intervention. What he did here is akin to how Obama bailed out the automobile industry during the global economic meltdown.

10) Buhari has faced a lot of corruption fighting back through Niger Delta Avengers and IPOB agitations that threatened to bring the country to its knee but he has tackled them with maturity and wisdom. 

11) Buhari has lifted the country out of recession, inflation rate is dropping rapidly, and the country is finally able to meet most of its financial obligations like the the Joint Venture cash Call.

12) Buhari is also saving for the rainy day. The foreign reserves has grown to a three year high, the excess crude account and sovereign wealth fund have also recorded significant growth.

13) Buhari entered an agreement with the government of Morocco to supply phosphate to Nigeria. Through this arrangement, our country is finally able to produce fertilizer at home thereby saving for ourselves Hundred of millions of dollars in foreign exchange, and reducing the price of fertiliser to about #5,500 for the common man.

14) Before Buhari took over, there was no capital project going on in the country, contractors had already left site for about two years, even in an oil boom. But in a recession, contractors have returned back to site, there is work going on on federal roads and railways across the country, including the 2nd Niger Bridge and east west road abandoned by the previous administration. Every state in the country has a federal government project going on, and for the first time in our life we’re seeing over a trillion naira spent on capital expenditure. 

15) Buhari has improved the image of the country abroad, we’re entering into several bilateral agreements and signing trade and investment deals with nations, and having a bigger say in world affairs. 

16) Buhari has restored the refining capacity of our local refineries. Fuel queue has been completely eliminated in a natural and sustainable fashion. 

17) Improved power generation with an all-time capacity of about 7,000 megawatts reached this year, alongside other reforms in the power sector. 

18) Improved the ease of doing business in the country, the process of registering business in the country has improved greatly. There is also the support to new businesses, the establishment of Agric development bank and bank of industries, etc. 

19) Buhari has reformed the customs, Jamb, FIRS, nimassa and other agency of government to become more productive than ever before. Under Buhari, revenue from tax drive competes favourably with revenue from oil money. 

20) Buhari has encouraged the independence of the judiciary, legislature, and media by not interfering in their affairs, while refusing to influence them with financial inducement.

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