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Problem In Oyigbo (7) ~ By Odimegwu Onwumere


Ikwerre Ngwo shared in the destructions

by soldiers yesterday looking for IPOB.

People in Oyigbo are subjugated under fear
that even leaving their homes is a taboo.

Parents now hide their children, and
their doors are barricaded.

People now fear soldiers in lieu of fear
death or life itself.

This is a perfect antagonism,
when soldiers are unleashed to practice

perfect aggression. They force
people to bury their hope.

The soldiers’bricked walls can’t burn
the already shattered hope of the people.

People’s souls are old friends, and
bombs can’t defeat the soul.

In this street, soldiers want people to hate, or
be silent. People bleed their love even in genocide.

This Sunday school is no longer
children’s fables. Let’s not remember

the Ark of Noah when
Jehovah massacred humanity.

Oyigbo under the soldiers is worse than Covid-19 — a horrible laboratory-confected disease.

Trees, hills and oceans are watching.

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