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Problems Of Waste Disposal In Anambra State ~ By Ephraim Elombah


Siting the collecting vessels or waste bins beyond the road boundary will help decongest traffic so as to meet the intended purpose of the roads.
Governor Willie Obiano

Anambra State Transformed into an Orderly Land could be an alternative rendering of this article. 

Created on August 27, 1991, Anambra State of Nigeria used to be one of the most neglected States. However, the State owned news media used to hail, as they still do, each successive governor elected or appointed into office.

Since the time of assumption of office of Dr. Chris Ngige, things started to change in the positive direction in Anambra State. There was determined effort to meet the needs of people of the State by this astute and ingenious governor, although imperfect as anyone else, especially in the construction of roads. Sons and daughters of Anambra State must be grateful that former governor, Peter Obi, followed competitively in the travails of Ngige. Peter Obi handed over, democratically, the mantle of leadership to Willie Obiano, a banker. 

The later has proved his worth in the art of governance. The only person that doesn’t notice the changes brought about by Governor Obiano is the one who stays inside his compound and lock the door. Some of the recent changes put in place are in the areas of orderliness and sanitation. For instance, formerly traders who travelled through Owerri-Onitsha express way used to move very early so as to beat traffic hold-up popularly called go-slow. Today there is easy movement on and around the fly-over and Upper Iweka.

In harmony with his many achievements, it is right to make known to Governor Willie Obiano, an area in which he can still impact in the lives of the citizens of Anambra State. 

Governor Peter Obi initiated waste collection and disposal by placing collecting vessels by the side of the road. This has improved environmental condition of people of the State. 

Please, can the governor and his workmen look into the possibility of siting these collecting vessels a gap from the road, at a place where passers-by can still notice them?

Also, a small portion of the conveyed waste is seen falling along the road as the conveying vehicle, usually a tipper lorry carries same to the final disposal site. 

Adequate loading and disposal will help ensure that the intended disposal is achieved without causing unsightly condition or spread unhealthy conditions along the way.

Health and wealth run parri passu. Money unnecessarily spent on health matters can be gainfully employed elsewhere. Governor Willie Obiano’s workmen have assisted in this by ensuring prompt disposal of the collected waste. 

Please, let the workers insist on prompt disposal without waiting for the waste to fill the collecting vessel, spill over and lie around, smelling and unattended to before being disposed through the vehicles.

Some of these challenges can be met by employing adequate work force and closely supervising same, avoiding wastage of funds. 

It is interesting to see that no punishment is meted out to householders who do not dump their waste adequately at the collection site. 

But it would seem that adequate publicity has not been provided as to the manner in which the collection should be done.

Siting the collecting vessels or waste bins beyond the road boundary will help decongest traffic so as to meet the intended purpose of the roads. The little extra cost in land acquisition will be worthwhile. 

The ground of the collecting centre should be cemented so as to avoid collection of earth along with deposited waste.

Now that the governor’s re-election is around the corner, he should leave no stone unturned in steering the ruder of the state progressively. 

He has ensured a general oversight of all parts of the State without trying to use his powers to punish those areas where more people did not vote for him, and he should continue to do so. 

Moreover, he should use his goodwill to pilot the affairs of the State after re-election though in his last tenure.

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