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Profile of the “Saints” that Walked Out of Amaechi’s Confirmation


Fellow Nigerians, here are the names the profiles of some of the sinators who staged a walk-out because they hate corruption so badly and as such didn’t want Rotimi Ameachi as minister.

Saint Godswill Akpabio [above]: – Presently facing corruption charges with EFCC as recent as last week.


dariyeSaint Joshua Dariye: – Was arrested for money laundering, removed from Office as Governor for 6 months & state of emergency declared in his state. Still facing corruption case with EFCC till date.


ta orjiSaint Theodore Orji :- Pending case with EFCC for allegedly squandered N474billion of Abia state money with his wife & son.


stella oduahSaint Stella Oduah: – Bought 2 BMW N240 million. Was removed as minister. Still undergoing investigation with EFCC.


jang jonahSaint Jonah Jang: – Facing 20 billion corruption charges with EFCC, case still in progress.


sam egwuSaint Sam Egwu :- In 2007, a group, which calls itself the Coalition for Good Governance in Ebonyi State (COGGES) wrote petition to EFCC. In the petition, Sam Egwu was described as the most corrupt Governor between 1999-2007. Case still pending in court.


abaribeSaint Enyinnaya Abaribe: – Impeached as deputy governor for corruption.


nwoboshiSaint Peter Nwaoboshi – Others could have walked out and be forgiven but not this one who installed Council boss in his LG where he shares the allocation that comes monthly with them.


kashamuSaint Buruji Kashamu – When I saw Kashamu among those walking out, I laughed. Kashamu staged a walk-out in protest against corruption. This must be an illusory horror movie. I swear!



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