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Proposed pension, immunity for Saraki, Dogara is despicable

Saraki and Dogara

ANGRY reactions has trailed the push for immunity for the Senate President and Speaker of the House of Representatives as Nigerians said the move was uncalled for.

The immunity and life pension for the presiding officers were proposed by some senators at a retreat on constitution review organised by the Senate Ad Hoc Committee on Constitution Review in Lagos on Saturday.

The proposed life pension and immunity for Bukola Saraki and Yakubu Dogara is self-serving and despicable, insensitive, irrational and immoral.

The call for such incentives for the National Assembly leaders is unreasonable. Nigerians should rise against the proposal.

Even the immunity for the President and his vice, governors and their deputies should be jettisoned!

Indeed, it is the height of insensitivity for legislators to propose life pension for their leaders at a time that workers are owed arrears of salaries in many states of the federation.

The proposal to confer immunity on legislators is provocative, to say the least. No serious nation can grant immunity to legislators who have been linked with criminal diversion of public funds, forgery and rape.

The satanic proposals of the legislators will not succeed.

No reasonable person should be demanding immunity for legislators. I don’t know anywhere else it is done. In fact, in some countries, even the President and Vice-President are not immune against corruption. Some Nigerians always want to do things in an absurd way.

Every right thinking Nigerians should rise against it.

lawmakers should only work on part time basis.

The demand for life pension by the thieving lawmakers is a gross injustice and double jeopardy for millions of Nigerian pensioners, who continued to be denied the fruit of their labour at their old age.

The proposal “is the calculated use of legislative powers to alter the 1999 Constitution in their favour so that they can enjoy life benefits at the expense of millions of economically and socially-disadvantaged Nigerians who voted them into office.

Granting senators and members of the House of Representatives immunity and life pension would neither enhance governance, accountability nor contribute to the betterment of Nigerians.

Those seeking immunity for some principal officers of the National Assembly are the same people supporting the weakening of the anti-corruption agencies.

The Nigerian public should be is clamouring for the removal of the immunity clause that protects the executive arms of federal and state governments with a view to reducing the impunity with which corruption and other crimes are committed by them.

Those lawmakers seeking immunity are the same people that committed the worst form of corruption crimes and desire to escape justice.

The lawmakers asking for life pension for the National Assembly members as treasury looters.

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