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PTF Releases Guidelines To Implement Gradual Easing Of COVID-19 Lockdown

Presidential Task Force (PTF) on COVID-19 has released the guidelines for the implementation of the phased and gradual easing of the lockdown.

PTF Chairman and Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Boss Mustapha , in a statement said that Federal Government of Nigeria has decided that there will be a phased and gradual easing of the lockdown in Lagos and Ogun States as well as the Federal Capital.

He added that the easing of the lockdown will be characterised by the mandatory use of non-medical face mask/covering for all persons while in public spaces. Latex hand gloves should not be worn except for specific medical purposes and the mandatory provision of handwashing facilities/sanitizers in all public places.

He also said, “All interstate travel is prohibited except for essential travels & services, such as:transportation of agricultural products, petroleum products, relief items, goods, commodities related to the COVID-19 response and persons on essential duty;

“Mass gathering of more than 20 people outside of a workplace is prohibited.

” There will be controlled access to markets and locations of economic activities; Mandatory temperature checks will be conducted in public spaces; social distancing of 2 metres must be maintained between people in workplaces and other public spaces; retention of the ban on all passenger flights; religious gatherings are still restricted; and mandatory supervised isolation of person(s) arriving from outside the country for at least 14 days.”

SGF further said, “All schools to remain closed till further evaluation, Schools are encouraged to continue with e-learning and visual teaching.

“State Governments and Security Agencies are enjoined to ensure effective and strict enforcement of these guidelines.

“The level of compliance with these guidelines will be reviewed in 2 weeks before additional guidelines for phase 2 is issued.”

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