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Queen Jane Nnadozie set to end Igbo language extinction


Image: Queen Jane Chibuzor Nnadozie  Asa Igbo (2)

*Says, I’m role model to beauty queens*

Queen Jane Chibuzor Nnadozie who is the Asa Igbo 2014 has described herself a role model to other beauty queens in Nigeria and also said that parents should be blamed for the fading of Igbo language.

The beauty queen who won her titled at the Asa Igbo Beauty Pageant last year in Owerri, Imo State said her life has changed since then and she no longer owns herself. She further stated that being a beauty queen of her type is less of exhibition but more of taking responsibilities.

The Ehime Mbano, Local Government Area of Imo State, born model who is presently working on a project to prevent the extinction of Igbo language said parents should be blamed for the decline in the speaking of the language.

“Trying to convince people, families, and parents especially has not been easy. Everything centers on the parents. If they make Igbo language a compulsory language in their homes, believe me we will have children who are proud of Igbo language.

Jane Chibuzor Nnadozie Asa Igbo

“It’s unlike most people in the diaspora whom their children are good at speaking Igbo language because their parents made it compulsory. 80% of the blame should be on the parents.

Our schools also cause it by calling our language vernacular and even at that, when the Yorubas and Hausas gather, they speak their language unlike we Igbos”, she explained.

She then laughed off the term ‘Igbotic’, which is often used to mock people who often speak Igbo language adding that the term was still invented by Igbos.

She said: “Someone calls me that because I speak my language, eat my food and all of it. It doesn’t matter, what matters is that I find joy in doing it, so others should do the same so that we can save our darling language”

Her Royal Majesty Queen Jane Chibuzor Nnadozie hailed Igbos in the diaspora, for taking the bull by the horn to work against a United Nation statement which says that Igbo language will go on extinction in 20 years’ time, by organizing conferences and Igbo days as far as they are, adding that those at home should learn from that by doing more.

“We can start from somewhere”, she said after explaining her pet project titled ‘Asusu Igbo Gaadi’ [Igbo language must live on] which was launched in December, 2014.

“Which is why I am trying to catch them young from primary and secondary schools. To sensitize them; make them believe in what they have and make them know where they belong”, the light skinned beauty queen further stated.

She revealed that her campaign will be kicking off with an Igbo language quiz competition for primary and secondary schools in Imo Sate on Friday, November 27, 3015 at Pretoria City Hotels, Owerri, Imo State.

According to the Imo State University Owerri graduate of History and International Studies, five best Igbo speaking students are expected from each school for the quiz competition which has no registration fee.

She then said that her crown and project does not make her inferior in the presence of other beauty queens with more contemporary titles and project, rather she sees herself as a role model to them because they should all want to be like her.

“I’m trading on path no one has ever tried to explore, so they should all want to be like me. People will be afraid of walking this path, but I am not. I know it will be difficult, but with the support people with the same interest, it will be done. We can save Igbo language. Asusu Igbo Ga adi”, Asa Igbo concluded.

Chinedu Hardy Nwadike

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