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Queen’s College old girls: 85 students affected in recent flu outbreak


The Queen’s College Old Girls Association (QCOGA) says the recent outbreak in the school is not water-related.

Some students in the school had been admitted at the sickbay following a fresh outbreak of an infection.

Public relations officer of the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA), Ify Nwoye,had said about a week ago, she got a report on how students were being rushed to the sickbay in their hundreds following the outbreak.

But in a statement, Ayomide Onakoya, QCOGA secretary, said the association swung into action after it was alerted of the the development.

She said findings showed that there is nothing related to “gastrointestinal symptoms” in the latest outbreak and that 85 students were sent home as a result of the situation.

The statement reads,”The QCOGA Medical Committee comprising a wide range of medical professionals have been in contact with the School authorities over allegations made.

“Based on their visit and discussions held, some students are affected by the flu with only 2 students in the sickbay as at Sept 30, 2019.

“Our findings have shown no relation to any other illness and thus has no correlation with any water-related epidemic.

“A review of the register provided by the external Medical Doctor who consults for the school showed that as at Sept 30, 2019: A total of 85 girls had been sent home since QC resumed on the September 14th, 15th and 21st.

“The first cases came in on September 24th and 25th. Of the 85 girls sent home, 24 have returned back to school.

“The symptoms observed and common to all the students taken to the sickbay include cough, runny nose and fever; some were low-grade, and some ran high; indications of upper respiratory tract infection. There were no gastrointestinal symptoms and nothing to suggest that the conditions are related to anything in the water or in the food.”

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