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Rain destroys part of 500 – year – old Benin building

By Ehigimetor Igbaugba [NAN]


Part of a 500-year old ancient Benin building known as Urokpota hall has been destroyed by rainfall that lasted for over one hour.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the hall was popular for final coronation of Benin monarchs.

Investigation showed that the ancient building had almost its entire roof blown off by the strong wind that accompanied the rain on Monday night.

NAN reports that the hall, currently serving as a mobile court for violators of COVID-19 safety rules and traffic offenders, also had some parts affected by fire in 2020.

The hall was first built during the reign of Oba Ozolua in the 15th century and redesigned in 1906 for coronation activities of monarchs in the ancient city.

According to security personnel, who didn’t want his name mentioned, the hall was filled with COVID-19 violators when the incident occurred.

He however said that nobody was injured.

“We were here around 4.00pm when the rain started, at first, nobody knew it was going to be that bad, but suddenly, it started with a powerful wind.

”You know that the front part had already been destroyed by fire last year, so it was the areas that were not destroyed by the inferno that the wind blew out the roofs.

“We thank God that nobody died or was injured when it happened.

“More than 100 people that were arrested for violating the COVID-19 safety rules were there,” the source said. (NAN)

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