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Ramadan: Cleric admonishes against hike in prices of foodstuff


An Islamic scholar, Ustaz Hassan Dikko, on Wednesday admonished foodstuff traders against price hikes and hoarding during the Ramadan fast.

Dikko gave the warning at the commencement of this year’s Ramadan lecture at Jama’atu Izalatul Bid’ah Wa Iqamatus Sunnah, (JIBWIS) Mosque in Bauchi.

He said it had become a norm for traders to increase their prices once the Ramadan fast approaches.

“The Ramadan period is a time to seek God’s face through fasting; hence Muslims should take it seriously.

“It is a holy period devoid of unethical practices and sin, rather they should give discounts during this period,” he said.

According to him, Ramadan period is a time to seek God’s face through fasting, hence Muslims should take it seriously.

The cleric urged the Muslim faithful to give more to the less privileged in the society during the Ramadan.

“Increase your benevolent acts, be generous with whatever you have, give out more and increase your charity,” the cleric advised.

Dikko urged the faithful to increase their Da’awah (preaching) activities, because it is God’s way of bringing believers to faith and the means by which prophets call individuals and communities back to God.

“it will increase your knowledge of Islamic deeds and injunctions.

“Every Muslim is enjoined to be reciting the Qur’an more than ever before during the period.”

He added that those who cannot recite it are enjoined to use the period to start learning how to read it.

“Maintaining and sustaining your piousness even after the Ramadan is the ultimate reason for fasting and its activities.

“Also, refrain from evil vices and uphold at all times good deeds to your fellow human beings without discrimination,’’ Dikko said.

The cleric explained that apart from the five daily obligatory prayers, Muslims are enjoined to observe more prayers in the night before taking their early morning meal called `Sahur’. (NAN)

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