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The Rape that Occurred in a Catholic Church in Enugu

Written by Emeka Ugwuonye, founder, DPA

Six days ago, a 20-year old girl was raped in a catholic church in the Sacred Heart, Uwani, Enugu. The rape was committed by a gateman that works for the church.
One priest exposed the crime and standards for justice, and has sworn to say the truth. Other priests wanted to cover up the crime. Those priest said that to expose what happened would put the church in bad light. Therefore, they obstructed justice to protect the church, even though it was the gateman that would have been held responsible. (The best way to protect any church should have been the way of truth and justice).
The priest that wants the truth referred the victim to DPA. We contacted the priests that covered up the crime. One of them became hostile. But after he was properly advised of what DPA could do, he changed and wanted to cooperate. He even tried to join DPA this morning. But we cannot allow a person who is being investigated for crime to join DPA. Not now. Not yet.
Eculaw has now also joined the case as counsel to the victim. So, Ecualw and DPA are now in this case.
It was terrible for the priests to cover up rape to avoid putting the church in bad light. In the words of the condoning priest, “It is not the man that will suffer it; it is the church”. Based on this, the priests blocked the procedures that the doctor had recommended in order to treat the girl well.
A young girl has been defiled, abused and raped. The priests decided to protect the church, rather than help the victim or hold the criminal accountable. DPA will not accept it.
Now, I have to warn: DPA is not against any church. Indeed, the Founder was born and raised a catholic. Ebemma, his beloved mother, is a devout Catholic. His children and brothers are all Catholics. So, nobody should see what we are about to do as something against the Catholic Church. Indeed, I am sure that the Vatican will support our quest for justice for a poor girl. I had to issue this warning because I know how strangely some people would assume that a priests are God and that you cannot question their actions. DPA and Eculaw will be suing whoever is responsible for this horrible act.
The girl is sick now, probably because of the heavy cocktail of medication that the doctor had to give her after the incident. Why did the doctor give such heavy dose of medication? Simple explanation. When the girl was taken to the doctors, the doctor said that any test done on the girl as to STD would not show any result because the incident just occurred. And without knowing what she might have contracted from the man, it will not be clear what to try to avoid. The doctor suggested that the best way would be to bring the man for test. If the man was found to have HIV, the doctors would take measures to flush it out of the girl to prevent her from getting it. It was not wise to give her such medication without there being the probability of her contracting it. But the priests refused to release the man for testing. Without testing the man, the doctors had to give medication to prevent all known STDs. That was too much for the little girl. She is down. She depressed and she is in trauma.
But measures are now being taken to ensure that proper protocols are observed and that justice prevailed in the case.

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