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RE: Exposed: Benedict Okoro is a criminal, fraudster and contracted to do hatchet job — My response


In the past 24 hours, I have been inundated with calls about a spurious publication by one Michael Kizito Okenwa on behalf of Hon. Chukwuma M. Umeoji Promoters Forum.

The false claim by the so-called Michael Okenwa purporting that I am a fraudster is obviously the attempt by his paymasters to get back at me over the press briefing I addressed recently on behalf of the National Working Committee (NWC) of our great party, APGA.

Shockingly, instead of responding to the salient issues of the mindless and vicious fraud, forgery, perjury and impersonation committed by the Jude Okeke-Ied gang, the fraudsters decided to journey on ad hominem to attack me with tissues of lies and more forgeries.

The purported sack letter from Dr. C. C. Madubuko, former Commissioner for Transport, which the hirelings splashed on the social media exposes the malevolent and criminal tendencies of the Jude Okeke led gang.

What the idle hands and gossipmongers failed to know is that I was never sacked by my boss.

Their cheap concoction gave them out as liars and merchants of duplicity, because those who are conversant with administrative principles and lines of formal communication know that Madubuko, an academic, could not have scrawled those disjointed lines that dot Okenwa’ s piece.

It is easy to steal headed papers, but, the major task lies in being coherent, factual and logical.

I do not know what schools they attended, but Okenwa should have known that a query usually precedes disciplinary procedure.

And, the punishment, which would be the outcome of the investigation, must make reference to same.

It was with similar haste that the pretenders went to Jigawa State High Court to procure an illegitimate judgment that would not stand up to reasonable scrutiny.

The evidence of their forgery was writ large, because as in every crime, they left crucial evidence behind: Exhibits D9 & D10.

Both represent forged letters of invitation to Chief Edozie Njoku and acknowledgment of same, by a phony Disciplinary Committee.

Okenwa and his sponsors went maniacal by claiming that I was sacked on May 13, 2020, when it was clear that by May 24, 2020, I was still performing my official functions as the PA to Dr. C. C. Madubuko, as could be seen in the following newspaper report:

COVID-19: We did not erect concrete slabs at Onitsha head bridge – Anambra Govt

This is a link to the official Facebook Page of Ministry of Transport.

It provides another proof to my claim.

Having come to this juncture, I demand that Michael Kizito Okenwa should do himself a favour by withdrawing his criminal allegations against me within the next 72 hours.

He should learn not to malign and defame anybody without proofs.

In the event that he fails to retract the accusation on me as a fraudster, my lawyers would have no option than to do the needful.

I wish to draw the attention of Hon. Chukwuma M. Umeoji, representing Aguata Constituency at the House of Representatives to the rabid drama being staged in his name by some overzealous touts milling around him in the guise of political support groups.

I wish to advice that the actions of these unskilled minds have the propensity to bury his governorship ambition faster than any other potential enemy.

Okoro Chinedum Benedict
MA in Intelligence and Security Studies, Manchester, United Kingdom

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