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Re: Further Information On Lady Arrested, Detained, Falsely Accused Of Diverting N900k

By Kenneth Uwadi

Gaskiya(truth), they say is, tafi kobo . Conscience nurtured by truth is one of the cardinal philosophies of the late Ahmadu Bello Sardauna . When I was a little boy, my father told me some words, which I would never forget in my life no matter the greediness of the society. He said to me, “My son, always do something to help the society and remember God.” I am still following this principle. I read  Citizen Samuelsson Iwuoha’s write-up  tagged further information on the lady arrested , detained and falsely accused  of diverting N900,000. Ordinarily, one would not have bothered to respond to it but in some areas of that write up he  was economical with the truth .  Citizen Samuelson is my friend. We often do to our friends what the biologist did to the moth. After all, we want them to have every advantage. We pile love upon them. We make sure they get to attend all the proper social occasions. I love my friends just the way they love me. When you love someone, you sometimes just give in too quickly and overlook what they do. This can be a disservice to the friend. It may prevent him to develop in the correct way. While one is entitled to his opinion, one  should not undermine the basic truth of things. One should not create fantastic false impressions. Some of the things he wrote about Dr Ethel Ojiaku are not true.

Citizen Samuelson Iwuoha is a  good social crusader, slow, precise methodical, painstaking. Just occasionally he has shown flash of inspiration that can turn a good crusader into a remarkable one. But as a social crusader, you should never lose sight of the fact that in activism ninety nine percent of the effort is routine, unspectacular enquiry, checking and double checking, laboriously building up a web of parts until the parts become a whole, the whole becomes a net and the net finally encloses the corrupt official that will not just make headlines but stand up in court.

What is the correlation between Ethel Ojiaku  and the lady who misappropriated N900,000? . Ethel has nothing to do with the company in question. The business belongs to his wife. Why bring him in?  Is Samuelson now supporting misappropriation?  How did he come about the information that the man owns Don Dozie Solutions Enterprises? Did he consult Corporate Affairs Commission? The Ethel I know  is a man  of honour and integrity. He is a Civil Servant. Why drag him into what he knows nothing about? The Lady that is having  the N900, 000 issues with her former employers (Don-Adaeze Solutions Enterprises)that Samuelson said  in that write-up was falsely accused, how did he arrived at such conclusions? He heard from her? Has he also heard from the other parties involved? I doubt if he has. And should the Lady’s one sided information be the acceptable one? I don’t think so. Samuelson also said  Dr Ethel  owns a multi million naira business empire and that he is worth 12 Billion naira. Jesus! How did you arrive at such figure?  Where are the billions? Where is the business empire? Do we have such billionaire in Egbema? Of course we don’t have anyone who worth such.  He owns houses?  Where are the houses?  Anyone who uses his money well can own a house. Samuelson also called for the governor to fire him. Fire him? For what? And put who? Fire him based on fantastic false impressions?  Is it because he is from Egbema that he should be fired,  witch-hunted, intimidated and embarrassed?  If he is from Nkwerre, maybe he will be appreciated. Ndi mmadu self!

Politics, as we know, is generally assumed to be a dirty game. Indeed, it is dirty in so many ways and senses to the extent that most politicians and their gullible followers often pretend against positive steps of distinguished achievers as a means of giving dog a bad name in order to hang it. In spite of this unfortunate political trait of the people and politics, truth is always clear, constant and unblemished. But Dr Ethel Ojiaku is not a politician. He is a civil servant. Leave him out of your politicking.

It is against the foregoing that I wish to strongly advise Dr Ethel  to remain steadfast in his determination  in his career. Nothing should distract his attention because nothing is new in this world. We are all going round a vicious circle. He should also remember that no matter what one does to make one happy, there is always someone to complain. He should therefore try to do his best and leave the rest to God. Indeed, there is no cause to be sad in this world, because from God we come and to Him we shall all return.

Kenneth Uwadi writes from Mmahu –Egbema , Ohaji/Egbema LGA, Imo State

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