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Re: Has Opiah Traded The Oil Communities For Uzodinma’s Cursed Crumbs



I had the opportunity to read a poorly written write-up on Facebook attributed to an uncertain Ambrose Nwaogwugwu under the caption , has Opiah traded the oil communities for Uzodinma’s cursed crumbs. The writer did not mind the grammatical inadequacies of such piece; he willingly and graciously published it unedited, thereby ending up exposing his perfidy and incompetence.

In that write up , Nwaogwugwu vilified Rt Hon Goodluck Nanah Opiah, called him unprintable names. He said ISOPADEC staff were arrested and Opiah is mute. He asked ‘where is the N6.4 Billion saved from N800M monthly from ISOPADEC since January by Governor Uzodimma”. He said Opiah had been on the pages of newspapers and on social media writing trash against Hon. Gerald Irona who supervised ISOPADEC in the past. That Isopadec board has not been constituted and staff salaries have been slashed. Indeed an empty vessel, they say, makes the loudest noise. This popular axiom aptly fits the embattled PDP new media DG, a man that has always been making loud but empty noises and creating fantastic false impressions.

Firstly, Ambrose is not from the oil communities of the state. He knows nothing about the runnings of Isopadec. He is an outsider, an ofeka, dishing out figures. Secondly, Opiah has never been involved directly in the runnings of Isopadec. He requires no introduction as a leader who has diligently and humbly served his state. He has impacted positively in the life and time of the Imo populace. He has been tested and trusted . One thing that gives me joy about him is that with all his political journeys, I have not come across any where it was stated that he stole public funds. For this alone, I say kudos to him.

Ndi Imo are aware that as at the time Governor Uzodinma took over the mantle of leadership in January 2020 Imo was in serious comatose. Things were in shambles and nosedived. The anti-poor policies of the past administrations of the state made more and more Imolites poorer and the rich minority richer. Corruption among the elite remained. It became more sophisticated from 2011-2019 and also in the 7 months of Emeka Ihedioha. Imo State became one of the most unequal societies with the thieving baboons getting 90% of the state’s total income while Imolites were left to struggle for just 10%. This put the state into gargantuan problems in all areas of socio-economic and political endeavors.

Uzodinma started restructuring the state, putting things in order. Isopadec is one of the areas in the restructure books. Those who formed Isopadec know the areas that need restructuring. Committees were set up to look into accounts. Those crying on social media are agents of those thrown out of office. Who is saying Isopadec board will not be constituted?
Isopadec board of course will be constituted. Your style of governance will not be my style.

Those who were thrown out of power are hitting their heads on the floor. They go about sponsoring protest, sponsoring fake news just to paint the Government black. Ndi-Imo are not swayed by the loud noise of desperadoes who were once in Government House as number one and number two citizens of the state and could not record any meaningful development for the state except stealing of public funds . We know their style of empty noise. These people are only thirsty for self aggrandizement. .

You cannot say Opiah is keeping mute over the affairs of Isopadec. The man is working hard for the good of the oil communities. With him our areas is in good hands. He is a man with people’s welfare conscience. When he speaks, there are people who respect his words because of the niche he has carved for himself. There are people, national and state that do not joke with what he says. So, we must keep sentiments aside.

Those sponsoring crisis in the oil communities looted Isopadec dry in just seven months in office . They stole billions . They saw the commission as ‘agbata-eke’. One man, with a deceptive appearance was the conduit pipe for some corrupt Imo bourgeois politicians in the looting of the 13 percent oil derivation funds of the State. To him ‘’onye ube ruru ya rarama’’. In his convoluted and banal imagination, he saw himself as Lord. He called himself ‘onye ahia attack’. Because of “ihe o ritege” he connived with the capitalist thieving baboons in the state to cripple ISOPADEC . Today, he is fighting blind to stop the committee investigating Isopadec. To him Opiah is a problem. He now commissioned the likes of Ambrose Nwaogwugwu to vilify Opiah. Did Opiah send anyone to loot Isopadec? Critics could always have says while the truth will eventually have its way.

-Kenneth Uwadi lives in Mmahu-Egbema, Imo State.

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