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Re: Press conference by coalition of southern Kaduna groups

Isah Muhammad Galadima

Image: The author, Isah Muhammad Galadima

*On fundamental developments under the government of Malam Nasir El-Rufai*

First, let me begin by congratulating the incumbent Kaduna state governor Malam Nasir El-Rufai on his victory at the Tribunal. That is reaffirmation of the clear mandate given by the majority masses to the best governor Kaduna state has ever witnessed.

I read with keen interest the recent Press Release by a Coalition of Southern Kaduna Groups on fundamental developments under the government of Malam Nasir El-Rufai.

The coalition has made scary submissions that have fundamental implications on Kaduna state. A mere look at the release will reveal to one outrightly that the so-called coalition is after a heinous agenda that only time will mark. The release has been covered by national papers, even though it contained massive deviations from the truth. In sum, I consider the release as inciting, impatient, incoherent and irrelevant. To delineate the minds of those who might have read the release from goof, let me say few words about it.

Constitutionally, Kaduna South Senatorial Zone comprises 8 local government areas not 12. These are Jaba with 155, 973, Jema’a 278, 202 people, Kachia 252,568, Kagarko 239, 058, Kaura 174, 626, Kauru 221, 276, Sanga 151, 485, and Zangon Kataf 318, 991. According to 2006 Population census, Kaduna South Senatorial Zone has a total of 1, 792179 people in the area by projection. This figure is not in conformity with the superfluous 3million proffered by the release. The implication of this is that the coalition is in daylight fight with Nigerian constitution that approved and defined the local government areas of Zone C as 8 and not 12. It also rebuffed the legitimate authority of National Population Commission that projected the census of Zone C below 2million. I think this is the right time our Senators should rise and challenge the faces behind the release. Let the truth be told.

Kaduna State is entirely bonded by same sociocultural and historical ties and not Southern Kaduna alone. Such tribal sentimental ideas are archaic and obsolete.

It is true that led-government has embarked on restructuring the state and getting it rid of the reign of monster impunity that characterised the previous governments. The reformation assignment may not be welcomed by those selfish individuals or groups that enjoyed the ugly circle of favoritism of the past administration. It is evident that Kaduna state people are massively in support of El-Rufai’s policies. They have gladly welcomed and appreciated the efforts of the government in dismantling injustices of the past administrations.

It is not true that Southern Kaduna people have been treated indifferently by the state government because they have not voted for the government. I do not think Southern Kaduna will forgive this unguarded baseless point. In the area where at least one person has voted for the APC, it’s not fair to assume that government of El-Rufai will neglect that person. For the sake of that one person who might have gone for APC change, government will reciprocate to better the lives of 1, 792179 people of the area. It is inconceivable to assume that a prudent government anywhere in the world will neglect such a huge population for political grudges. Even my vociferous don Dr John Danfulani will not agree to this arrant fallacy. Danfulani needs to lecture the coalition on this. Please.

My biggest surprise came when I read the reasons given by the coalition upon which their traumatic accusations were hinged. Insecurity is the biggest challenge El-Rufai’s government must face—and indeed not land reclamation. Insecurity is the biggest challenge facing the entire country. 

It appears the coalition is not aware of the monumental insecurity challenge facing the state.

The government has toured every part of the state and has seen critically how insecurity affects the lives of Kaduna state citizens and implementation of its policies. Insecurity with all its attendants’ allies has ravaged the state considerably. Armed robbery, cattle rustling, ethno-religious crises and others have for a very long time thwarted an optimal development of the state. Insecurity, just like Boko Haram insurgency, constitutes the biggest threat being faced by the state and its neighbours. It’s gladdening to note that few weeks after his inauguration, governor Malam Nasir El-Rufai has swiftly taken a cogent lead in the fight against insecurity in the state. It’s our hope that the effort started will be followed up patiently until victory is ascertained. 

The coalition is not happy that El-Rufai is fighting the cancerous insecurity. It blindly wants the governor to stop and face Southern Kaduna. Particularly, on ethno-religious crises in the state that shattered mutual co-existence of the citizens, government should try as much as possible to look into various reports on the problem submitted to the previous governments. Specifically, government should try to look into Prof Shehu Usman Abdullahi and Prof James Kantiok led committee on Peace and Reconciliation in Kaduna state. (Senator Shehu Sani is already making a frantic effort at the Senate on this.) The committee did a wonderfully through work and submitted its report to the then state governor, late Patrick Yakowa. Similarly, government should try and reinforce Community Policing, empower its traditional leaders and reinvigorate the Vigilante Service into becoming an intelligent, sophisticated and rewarding work. 

It is paramount to emphasize here that government’s efforts towards curbing the incessant cases of insecurity in the state will not be complete without providing the restless and jobless youth means of survival. As such, government should as a matter of urgency complement its measures being taken to check the ugly manifestations of insecurity in the state by massive provisions of jobs. Particularly, the armed robbery and cattle rustling in Birnin Gwari Kamuku forest should be given a heavy blow. The scourge appears to be a hefty one and must be considered as disastrous as Boko Haram insurgency. 

The combined operation geared towards flushing the evil Kamuku forest and others by Kaduna state and others must be supported by the federal government and if necessary, the international bodies. Kamuku forest, Kuyanbana forest and other forests bordering Katsina, Zamfara, Niger and Kebbi states must be freed. The lives of people are endangered and highly threatened by the continued existence of these demonic evil perpetrators. Finally on security, government should strengthen its intelligence unit of the Police. People should be encouraged to report strange movements around them. Similarly, the Kaduna state government should not compromise in its resolve to deal decisively with insecurity in the state. Those found culpable should be subjected to the rule of law. Government must be seen not in any way taking the issue of insecurity as a compromise-able one (that can be compromised). The perpetrators must be fished out and be punished according to the established laws. No mighty or poor should be allowed to go free once found in a way aiding insecurity in my dear state.

Though a remarkable success is already recorded on the El-Rufai’s fight against Armed Robbery on Birnin Gwari axis, it is not true that all is okay now.

It is very important that the coalition be reminded that Birnin-Gwari local government area has suffered immensely from armed robbery and cattle rustling. For decades, armed robbery has engulfed the entire local government area, with armed robbers on Kaduna – Birnin-Gwari, Birnin Gwari to Funtua and Birnin to Minna highways broadly attacking people, dispossessing them of their valuables and inflicting injuries on them, while killing others in some heinous moments. The armed robbers with all their networks spread in forests of Birnin-Gwari constitute biggest threat affecting Kaduna state and its neighbours like Niger, Katsina and Zamfara states. 

We appreciate greatly that El-Rufai’s administration has already looked into this problem keenly, thereby exploring all possible means to immediately check the rising tides of armed robbery in our area. The issue appears to defy solutions for years, even as we alleged a clear-cut neglect by the previous governments, we remain resolute and confident that armed robbery, cattle rustling and other security concerns in the state will be given a heavy and final blow with the recent tactful and decisive measures being taken by committed and sincere government of El-Rufai The people of Birnin-Gwari pray that his government shall succeed in the current war against the terror it started. May God in his mightiest power lead him and strengthen him through what is considered biggest task before any government ever in Kaduna state. 

It is one of secessionist idea that Kaduna state is a divide of North and South neglecting the constitutionally Central Zone, Zone B which coincidentally happens to be the largest both in population and land mass. Senator Shehu Sani representing the Central Zone must then relinquish his Senatorial position since the coalition has debunked a constitutional arrangement that initiated his election. 

Having 4 commissioners out of 13 from Southern Kaduna is a big political reward. You deserve not up to that number under normal political calculations.

In Kaduna state, it is an indisputable fact that the Higher institutions of learning, ranging from the Universities to Polytecnics and Colleges of Education etc were heavily present in Zaria (ZONE A) and or Kafanchan (ZONE C), Birnin Gwari. (ZONE B) has been neglected on this.

Just a recap: when late Governor Sir Patrick Ibrahim Yakowa (Nakowa) visited Birnin Gwari in 2010 or so, a promise to establish a School of Health came to gladden the hearts of Birnin Gwari people. Hopes and expectations rose high. Everyone was happy until the unfortunate death of Governor Sir Yakowa!

The School of Health Technology or School Of Nursing and Midwifery which the then leadership promises to establish in Birnin Gwari became a mirage. It remained merely on the lips! I strongly doubt if the commitment has gotten a blessing of paper work.

When governor Makarfi was establishing the Kaduna State University, calls were made by our people that the Permanent site of KASU should be deployed to Birnin Gwari. That has never happened. Birnin Gwari was never been considered for that.

Birnin Gwari has the vast land to accommodate a World-class university. Any kind of glamorous university can be sited in Birnin Gwari, but our leaders are yet to come to this basic fact and stark reality.

Birnin Gwari is blessed with resources and potentials that can well cater for every kind of need of a mega university!

The seemingly underdeveloped town has too many academic elites of international standard that can facilitate academic activities for the moderate take off of any university!

Our people are peace loving and hospitable!

The immediate past Kaduna state governor Alhaji Mukhtar Ramalan Yero, was reported in media to have promised Southern Kaduna people the establishment of Kaduna State University of Science and Technology if elected into office during the last polls!

It is understood that politicians may commit themselves to too many unsolicited promises, some of which perhaps are too expensive and unattainable.

I was especially stunned by the development. The governor then (Mukhtar Ramalan Hero), I believe, is aware of our dire need of such institutions in Birnin Gwari. I am certain that the policy makers in Kaduna state government house are fully aware that if there is any local government area that deserves to have such university sited on it, it is Birnin Gwari indeed.

While we nurture no grudges against our brothers in Kafanchan, we wish to affirm unequivocally that Zaria is a poor choice to site the state university, as Zaria is fully loaded with landmark institutions including the ABU. Kafanchan or any other local government area in the southern part of Kaduna state is also not a better choice, because there are quite a number of higher institutions on that axis. These include the Kaduna State College of Education Gidan Waya Kafanchan, Kaduna State School of Nursing and Midwifery, School of Agricultural Engineering, ABU Zaria at Samarun Kataf and a campus of the only Kaduna State University.

It is our fervent hope and belief that governor Nasir El-Rufai will remember that Birnin Gwari is the best choice for such a creation!

Finally, I advise the coalition to avoid feeding the press with fallacies, to avoid inciting public strife in Kaduna state and to follow up tangible claims that really affect them with objective write ups and or legal ordeals. And if really they are peace-loving and patriotic citizens as they claim not as secessionists as we see them, they should allow El-Rufai spacious time to complete the resuscitation movement it started. The damage that has been inflicted on Kaduna state by the previous governments was such a hefty one. It requires only a committed and fearless leader like El-Rufai to succeed and surely this government is destined to attain the zenith of victory.

John Danfulani: An Unrepentant Secessionist!

It is evident from his recent write-ups that Danfulani has finally decided to unleash the venom of secession he and his sponsors have been nurturing against Kaduna state and its good people. If not for records and the fact that people are not ignorant of the ideals, Danfulani would have egoistically write all sorts of garbages and expect people not to deduce the latent messages contained therein. It’s too unfortunate that a university don like Danfulani would come so lowly and assumes that the pragmatics and semantics of his ill-willed write ups are not fully tracked down.

Danfulani, especially to those who might not know him, is a political bigot, a tribalistic cohort and an emerging secessionist. He arrogantly thinks that he alone is the Iceland of ideas.

It is interestingly wonderful that Danfulani (a die-hard member of PDP) did not wire a congratulatory message to El-Rufai and his deputy over what is acclaimed word-wide as the most credible polls ever in the state. No wonder, as Danfulani refused to join the well-meaning Southern Kaduna people in congratulating El-Rufai and his deputy. Hundreds of thousands of the good people of Southern Kaduna; who are peace-loving, have congratulated them. In fact, one begins to develop some fears if idea-stricken-people like Danfulani show any allegiance to a cleaner government of El-Rufai. Who would have been happy with Danfulani’s congratulatory visit? Danfulani is not a politician, his work is now limited to academic frontiers. I really he doesn’t care for such a very long tradition, then why would you border to mention it at all? Be resolute at least once in your write ups and avoid contradictions.

Danfulani is obviously after public recognition for an undeserved terrain. He is out there to get fame by hook or by crook. He will manipulate his pen to profuse his sundry inner motive. Unfortunately, the reality does not favor his odd political belief. We all know you will continue to derail off the truth just as you did throughout your life. That is your fate anyway.

I am happy your contradictory mindset has just resurfaced in your recent write ups. You actually believed that El-Rufai was not elected by the mandate givers on baseless grounds. People made their choice wisely and their votes cast prudently. Left to Danfulani, El-Rufai’s victory was undeserved. He had his anointed candidate and whoever might be the one has lost wretchedly. I believe that Malam El-Rufai is not so daft to execute programs that will better the lives of people in the state without a due follow up with the State House of Assembly. Impatient people and attention seekers like Danfulani will always accuse government baselessly. It is only important if your prejudicial judgement against the Kaduna state government will just wait a little.

Danfulani, though not considered for any appointment with this government, should never speak like ignorant of the reality. He should also not in any way attempt to, just as he has been doing in all his writings, create the atmosphere to push the people of Southern Kaduna into strife and unnecessary confrontation with others.

I am pretty sure Danfulani is only out to create any possible situation so that an impression will develop that will depict Southern Kaduna people as being shortchanged politically by the El-Rufai government. If Danfulani was sincere in his submission, the title of his writing would not have read “RESIGN NOW BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE” advising the deputy governor of the state. Probably Danfulani is not aware of the fact that Deputy Governor is the number two citizen in Kaduna state. I am sure there is a balance, a relative balance on appointment. It’s only that Danfulani had so much expectations of becoming one of those “noise making” commissioners in El-Rufai’s cabinet, a position he was never adjudged as deserving by Malam. Evidently, all the noises Danfulani is making in the air these days are clear cut representation of a hurt mind that expected so much what it knows it deserves not. Expectations hurt.

Danfulani has been shamefully defending the ugly course of impunity that ravaged the state for decades under the previous administrations. He enjoyed undue advantages from the past. Now that a scale of fairness and equity is chosen by El-Rufai led-administration to revamp all dying sectors of Kaduna state, Danfulani is crystally envious. His pen, instead of using it to advance on the advocacy for unity, integrity and development, it is wrongly used to advocate for secession in Kaduna state. His pen and precious time are wasted not for academic reasons he is essentially needed to propel, but for the unfortunate calls for secession and blind attack on the government that assemble more competent personalities than Danfulani. Danfulani must not forget that petitions and open letters are written not to advance for selfishness, favoritism and secession but to correct the anomaly in government towards improving the living conditions of people.

If Danfulani is ignorant of this fact he should be reminded. The people of Southern Kaduna are religiously peaceful. The ethno-religious crises that affected the area in past were evidently instigated by the people of ill-will, who mean no well for the state. I doubt if Danfulani is not one of them.

Southern Kaduna people have benefitted immensely from the socioeconomic programs of the state in the past and in the present. The scenario shall continue to be like so. They do not have moral support to cry for marginalisation at all. It is not true in all its ramifications that Southern Kaduna is neglected or marginalised by the current state government.

I pity Danfulani for not encouraging El-Rufai to fulfill all the promises made prior to election aimed at making the state great again. Holding position is never the actual ladder to revamped development of the state. We have seen severally where people given leadership did not justify it in anyway. El-Rufai is working to develop Danfulani’s villages but he is out there seeking for cheap political attention. Danfulani’s people shall never forgive him for daunting there image. If someone who is actually not familiar with the good people of Southern Kaduna reads Danfulani’s myopic writing, they may wrongly misunderstood the Southern Kaduna people as negative and enemies of progress. But the truth is that Danfulani is only advocating for secession in the state just like Biafrans!

Contradictorily, if the deputy governor Hon Bantex resigns because you have asked him to, what benefit will that give to your people? Do you think you have helped the matter? Or do you want to tell the world that it’s only through lavished propaganda and superfluous facts that you can win cases for your unsuspecting people? Southern Kaduna people are never ignorant please! Be contented with KASU for now, the future might hold greater heights just for you.

Its embarrassing how your recent petition against Amina Mohammed as a minister died dejected before the Senate. Amina was later confirmed to be a Gombe indigene. Assuming your petition was written in good faith, what will you gain if the ministerial nominee was actually of Kaduna origin? You would have write same petition crying marginalisation against the people you noisily claim to be representing. Now that another female nominee with impeccable records has been picked by PMB, and certainly not El-Rufai, you suddenly changed the tactics to an advocacy for marginalization against your people.

Southern Kaduna people are not marginalised by the government and forever they should not be subjected to this treatment. I strongly believe that if Danfulani will uphold objectivity in his writings just like Barrister Solomon Dalung, devoid of ethno-religious bigotry and sentiments, Zainab Shamsuna would not have been preferred by Buhari, Danfulani might be the one. It’s unfortunate that secession advocacy is killing him.

If it is true that some appointees possess no primary school certificate, then Danfulani is under obligation to collate, compile and produce such cases for El-Rufai’s considerations. I am sure El-Rufai will not be so daft in choosing who will work with him. Danfulani, produce your evidence if really you are truthful. To complete your subscription of being a good citizen of the state, I think you should expedite action to expose those political appointees without Primary School Certificate. Please, do it. It will rather be hypocrisy of the highest order for Danfulani to suggest that nepotism is the order of appointment in Kaduna state. This is not true. Danfulani is just hurt because Zainab Shamsuna, the ministerial nominee picked by PMB is widely alleged to have family ties with El-Rufai. Zainab, just like Amina, has impeccably enviable records. Danfulani must not panick please. Nobody is raising alarm against the nomination of Zainab Shamsuna as Minister including Senator Shehu Sani. But Danfulani appears not faithful on Zainab’s nomination. What I don’t really figure out here is who is actually marginalising you: PMB or El-Rufai? All vocabularies are used by Danfulani to lambast at El-Rufai. All words have been said. Danfulani is good in accusations —baseless accusations indeed. Tread softly for you will certainly not convince the good and peace-loving people of Southern Kaduna. Yes oo.

Danfulani must be faithful in his coming book titled “WINGS OF FAITH”. Just be faithful and must not be over ambitious.

The people of Kaduna state will never forgive Danfulani for insulting their deputy governor by calling him nepotic and irredentist element. Danfulani is not considered for any post by the deputy governor and he is just hurt. But really, Danfulani has insulted the personality of our deputy governor.

Deputy Governor must not quit. Quitting as suggested by Danfulani will only be considered as secession. Bantex must not be duped please.

Kaduna State shall be great again. Bantex will not listen to the voices of disunity. Southern Kaduna people have not spoken via Danfulani. Only time, very short possible time, will show to the word the quantum of secession advocacy in Dr. John Danfulani.

Kaduna shall be great again!

Isah Muhammad Galadima, Birnin Gwari LGA, 08033464831

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