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RE: The Itsekiri Press Release on Biafra – Welcome to Reality


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The problem of calling one’s self an expert in every field because one is an expert in one field is that it makes the claimants ‘jack of all trade but master of none’; the prognosis is even more telling and the consequences very damning in the field of analysts, strategists and long range planners when the welfare and lives of millions of individuals are on the balance.

Nothing is wrong in dabbling in this field as analysts, whether so-called experts or no, since it is not an exact science and most experts in this field are usually wrong! This is problematic since in the western world, the spiritual is usually de-emphasized; hence if one has no scientific explanation for a phenomenon, it will usually be ignored. Since the spiritual component is de-emphasized, a batting average of 300/1000 (30%) makes one an expert in this field.

Take the US for example, a nation that appears to have chowed off more than it bargained for when its advisers led it into Iraq, an attempt at nation building – clueless and helplessly unable to resolve the Iraqi challenge that has now been compounded by the additional re-emergence of the Afghan problem even as ISIL begins to rear its head all over the world. The US faith as a nation that believes, no different from most nations, that all it has to do is throw billions of dollars at the problem to make in go away, has been shaken to the core even as it appears bewildered by the results of its meddling.

If this field is so easy one would expect the US that spends billions of dollars on its analysts to have resolved these challenges by now. The policies of the different coalitions involved in the Middle-East have converted many of the nations into failed states while turning the citizens into refugees that are about to destabilize Europe.

Those who insist that Biafra must include the nations that made up the former East and Midwest, etc., no different from those who embrace what they call the Lower Niger, although well meaning, still are yet to get it. The Nigerian example should by now have enlightened them but I guess it is difficult to walk away from self-hypnotized ideas. Any analyst worth his/her salt works from a position of cold calculating dispassionate analysis and not emotion. Humility and an understanding of our strengths and weaknesses is a must if we wish to finally resolve the yoke placed on the ethnic nationalities that make up Nigeria by the great Zik of Africa when he refused the proposal of the British government that the South form their own nation since the North was not ready for independence.

It is not only a question of trust but also of commonality of interests; colonialism (real or imagined) whether local or international has no place in this modern era. The Itsekiri press release should be seen in that light. It must and should remain a question of non-interference; the Itsekiri, no different from any other ethnic nationality in Nigeria, do not need help to plan the direction of their future; it is their future and they (alone) have every right to make it and live with its consequences.

“We recall with pains the day the defunct Biafran Army invaded Warri and Benin in the then Midwest Region on August 9, 1967. Never again will the Itsekiri tolerate such invasion. The Itsekiri nation is committed to the unity of Nigeria and will do all it can to promote and protect it as one indivisible country. As Major General Philip Effiong said on January 14 1970, the Republic of Biafra ceased to exist. We, the Itsekiri, wish it to be eternally so for the peace and development of our great nation.” – Itsekiri nation disowns calls for creation of Biafra Republic

It is not as if this conundrum has not been resolved but when we deliberately refuse to at least examine what is on the ground before our entrance since we played no part in the process or if we have some ulterior motive known to us alone, this is what we get. After 100 plus years in bondage, why should any ethnic nationality put their trust in any but themselves?

The solution is simply if we are interested in the resolution of this dilemma. It is a solution that had been proposed and been in place for more than 15 years; it is a solution the addresses both the trust and independence issues. Any prescribed solution must be based on it unless we can come up with a better solution. It implies that the sovereignty of each ethnic nationality (no matter how large or small) must remain the only basic building block of any plan of action.

Each ethnic nationality must control 100% of its political space;

Each ethnic nationality must control 100% of its boundaries;

Each ethnic nationality must control 100% of its resources;

Each ethnic nationality must grow at its own pace;

Each ethnic nationality must govern itself;

Each ethnic nationality must speak for itself.

From the above, for the Igbo advocates of Biafra, it should be Igbo Biafra within the Igbo territory; the discussion should hence be exclusively amongst the Igbo; either that or continue to make fools of themselves. The Ogoni have already produced a blueprint for their dream nation, so also have the Yoruba, even the Arewa with the declaration of Full Sharia in the core-Northern 12 states have done same, the Ijaw have also done so with the Ijaw declaration, etc.

The pressing question should remain how to peacefully dissolve Nigeria since it is unworkable as presently constituted – there are at least three countries within the present boundaries of Nigeria that have no commonality of interests. The question is hence how to peacefully find ways to get the world to accept the unworkability of Nigeria.

Once that is accepted, it will then be up to each ethnic nationality to plot its own part, whether to go it alone or work with those it has commonality of interest with, while making sure its sovereignty remains intact – this is the African way!

There is nothing wrong with the exchange of ideas, this is where the Lower Niger Congress can play a part but its building block must be based on ethnic nationality and the above non-negotiable conditions. The idea of referendum is great but it building block must remain the ethnic nationalities. That being the case a modification of its structure might help, a committee of representatives of the ethnic nationalities (probably one from each member ethnic nationality) should make up its ruling structure with one of them chosen as their spokesperson. It will then be the responsibility of each of these individuals to communicate and educate their people.

Maazi Nnaemeka Mene Onumonu-Uzoaru

Ancient (in training) Igbo/Itsekiri Analyst, Strategist and Long Range Planner, Oha Ka (The People are Supreme), Member: IgboZaraIgbo


Achieving the Impossible: A Stable Iraq in 12 to 24 Months (An Igbo/Biafara Solution)

On Wednesday, September 26, 2007, the U.S. Senate overwhelmingly supported a bipartisan plan for a political settlement in Iraq, passing a measure proposed by Sen. Joe Biden to promote a federal political system with a weak central government and three regional states, a step in the right direction of finally resolving a very vexing problem that has cost the tax payers billions of dollars and unless resolved will run into the trillions of dollars not including the already incurred long term costs.

With the approval of nearly 200 billions dollars for the fiscal year 2008, the estimated cost of the Iraqi war is now close to 800 billion dollars. Can the United States continue to spend the taxpayers’ money in just Iraq at such a tremendous clip into the foreseeable future with no end in sight?

The presidential candidates of both the Republican and Democratic parties continue to show that they are yet to embrace a significant draw down of American troops from Iraq in the near future even with the bipartisan approval of the Biden plan. The unfounded and false premise by all experts and both parties that there is/are no easy solution(s) to the Iraqi dilemma has now become part of the American psyche.

Of course there is an easy solution if we know what to look for and more importantly a painless draw down can be implemented in 12 to 24 months!

Using the Biden plan, can an honorable and complete US troop draw-down be accomplished in 12 to 24 months that will satisfy all concerns of the American people, and of both parties?

§ Create a more stable and independent Iraq

§ Resolve the sectarian violence and the civil war

§ Prevent Al Qaeda or other terrorist groups from establishing a beachhead in Iraq

§ Prevent further ethnic cleansing or genocide in Iraq

§ Satisfy all and every other unlisted reasonable concerns that will not compromise the Iraqi sovereignty

The answer is resoundingly yes.

Below is a proposed framework on a stated solution to the Iraqi dilemma that I had e-mailed to the GAO, some news media and discussion groups proposing an outline on how this can be achieved many months before the approval of the Biden plan by the senate:


The only Honorable, Acceptable and Long-lasting Solution (An Igbo/Biafara perspective)

The Igbo (Ibo, Ebo, Egbo, Hebo, …), a nation that call themselves Ndi Mbu (the first people created), Ndi Gboo (the ancient people), Umu Chukwu (the sons and daughters of the Most High), Ndi Eze (kings and queens), and the human being they call Mma Ndu (the beauty of life or the masterpiece of life), have sayings that are well tested and thousands of years old, below are some of them:

Oha Ka – The people are supreme

Eziokwu bu ndu – Truth = Life

Odi be ndi – Respect for the way of life of other peoples or nations

Egbe belu Ugo belu – The inalienable right of both the strong and the weak to co-exist in peace 

Using the ageless wisdom and philosophy of my forefathers, the above proven philosophical truths or axioms, I will seek to produce a framework (general outline) for the resolution of the Iraqi dilemma. It is my hope that this will help move the debate of the Iraqi crisis towards a speedy and fair resolution.

The American people have spoken loudly and clearly, they demand the end of the Iraqi project/experiment FORTHWITH!

To produce a lasting and holistic solution below are some of the conditions that must be met,

•         Genocide or ethnic cleansing is not acceptable and must not be condoned

•         All Iraqi political and religious leaders must be identified and put on notice that, any Iraqi leader whose followers are involved in ethnic cleansing will be persecuted to the fullest and held accountable (Accountability)

•         The new Iraq by all measurements must be better than the old Iraq

•         Terrorists and their organizations whether home grown or imported must not gain a foot hold in Iraq

•         The independence and sovereignty of Iraq as a nation cannot be compromised as long as the composite peoples that make up Iraq agree to continue as one

•         Iraqi natural resources cannot be negotiated away

•         Any solution must be based on truth, so that each section will accept the outcome

•         The right of all the peoples of Iraq to co-exist in peace cannot be compromised

Having set out a solid foundation for the process of lasting peace in Iraq we can now begin to lay out the solution.

As Senator Biden continue to remind us, the solution is already contained in the new Iraqi constitution – a loose federation.

The Kurds are already implementing this solution in their region. The question then is how to implement this solution in all Iraq with the least amount of pain.

Areas of Interest

Non-Mixed Areas – Areas with 80% (?) or more of the same group

Mixed Areas – Areas with no defined majority

Care must be taken to make sure that ethnic cleansing is not implemented in any of the areas as control is gradually transferred to any of the groups. The goal is to convert Iraq into regions which will give the peoples, be they Sunni, Shiite or Kurds a stake in their own region, importantly they themselves will govern themselves.

As can be seen, the solution is a bottom up instead of a top down solution (you build from ground up) – all fundamentally sound governments are built from ground up. This should explain why the current government of Iraq remains unpopular and coming apart at the seams.


From the period a plan is worked out and accepted to not more than three months after congress and the president have come to an agreement, the regions would have been identified and put in place. This will give the Iraqis a sense of ownership, something that is lacking at present. Areas of contention can be labeled as federal territories that will be administered by a mix of Iraqis and an international coalition. As control is gradually handed over in the non-mixed areas, most of the US troops in these areas will be re-deployed to the mixed areas. An international coalition of troops will be put together to replace the US troops as they are drawn down.

A draw down of the US troops will begin as soon as the president and congress agree on a date, at a pace determined by the US military leaders until 90% (?) of the troops have been drawn down. The 10% (?) left will be part of the international coalition that will help Iraq towards a peaceful transition.


The Saddam’s Sunni disbanded army with a two week re-training can be tapped into

•         Gains being made in the Sunni areas will become permanent;

•         Both the Sunni and the Shiite will now turn their illegal standing armies inwards towards implementing the rule of law, instead of genocide against each other when the US army eventually pulls out;

•         The trained Shiite army can now be redeployed to the Shiite areas;

•         This is the most effective, fastest, most honorable, stable and the only way to bring about a drawdown of the US army in the shortest and fastest time;

•         This plan meets all the stated goals, conditions and concerns of the American people;

•         This plan makes it impossible for either home grown or imported terrorist groups to establish a foothold in Iraq;

•         This will surely check Iran’s emergence as a major power in this area.

Maazi Nnaemeka Mene Onumonu-Uzoaru

An Igbo/Biafara Analyst, Strategist and Long Range Planner

It shows the three proposed regions (Kurds, Sunni and Shiite) and the two areas of concern, mixed areas (Areas of contention that will be labeled as federal territories that will be administered by a mix of Iraqis and an international coalition) – the Kurds/Sunni and Sunni/Shiite areas and this also includes the capital, Bagdad.

To re-emphasize, a real solution is a very easy possibility and can be implemented within 12 to 24 months if the proposed framework which includes a re-examination and acceptance of the Igbo philosophical truths or axioms that have been tested and proven to be sound and correct for thousands of years, on which this proposal is built on.

Maazi Nnaemeka Mene Onumonu-Uzoaru

E-mail: emeka.onumonu@yahoo.com 

An Igbo/Biafara Analyst, Strategist and Long Range Planner

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