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Re: Utterances of Prophet Odumeje – appeal to the Igbo conscience worldwide

From Mazi Darlington Imoh





I’m NOT out for any acrimonious exchanges but I want discerning Igbos worldwide to be aware that the INSULTS Odumeje threw at Pericomo Okoye were WITHOUT any provocations of any description. Odumeje simply felt he could earn recognition by tarnishing the image of Pericomo and ndi Arondizuogu, reminiscent of the way that the butcher of Kampala, Field Marshal Idi Amin Dada went about insulting World leaders without any provocation….
(1) To President Richard Nixon of United States: I wish you speedy recovery from the Water Gate Scandals.
(2) To Dr Henry Kissinger, the former American shuttle diplomat: Kissinger’s aeroplane is fitted with cameras that spy on other countries as it fles over the earth.
(3) To Mrs Golda Meir the former Israeli Prime minister: I am NOT someone who fears anyone, I am 6feet 3inches tall & a former heavyweight boxing champion.
(4) To Dr Julius Nyerere the former President of Tanzanian: I could have married you if you were a woman despite the grey hairs on your head.
(5) To Queen Elizabeth of England & then then Prime minister: If the British want compensation for the Asians I expelled from Uganda then either the Queen herself or the British Prime minister must come to Uganda because I am the top man in Uganda.
(6) To Princess Elizabeth of Toro the then Ugandan Roving Ambassador: I have dismissed Elizabeth Bagaya as Ugandan Foreign minister because she had sex in the toilet at Paris airport with a muzungu (white man in Swahili language) However the Princess was always surrounded by the world press from the moment she arrivedat the airport to the time she boarded gate because of the mass murder in Uganda that Idi Amin was carrying out…..the list goes on & on & on of his insults to world statesmen/women without any provocation.
NOW OHANEZE, please tell me, in what way did Pericomo provoke Odumeje before Odumeje insulted him? To give you a clue, Pericomo DIED on 16th February 2017, that is THREE YEARS & NEARLY THREE MONTHS before Odumeje who calls himself a prophet of God insulted the dead. Is there anyway Pericomo could have looked for Odumeje’s trouble from the grave considering that in Ecclesiastes Chapter 9 verse 6 the Bible said that anything that happens under the sun the dead have no hands in it till time indefinite?
Look at the way that Odumeje, a man who calls himself a man of God derided ndi Arondizuogu, he asked: onwere ofu onye Arondizuogu n’ewiewi nwere ego?
Ohaneze, we are talking about someone who calls himself a man of God using material wealth as his barometer of success, but let us consider genuine servants of God and their material possessions;
(1) HOW RICH WAS JESUS CHRIST during his earthly ministry? In John 18:36 Jesus said: My Kingdom is NOT of this world.
In Mathew 19:24 Jesus said, it is easier for a Camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of God.
(2)How rich were the disciples of Jesus? In Mathew 17:27 Jesus told his disciples to go to the sea and catch the first fish, you will find money in the fish to pay your taxes to the Roman occupiers. In other words the disciples of Jesus did NOT even have money to pay their poll taxes
(3)How rich was John the Baptist? In Mathew 3:4 the Bible said that the clothes of John the Baptist were hides and skin, his food was locust and honey. Did John the Baptist live in a mansion? Answer: No, he lived in the wilderness.
(4)How rich was Prophet Elisha? In 2 Kings 5:16 Prophet Elisha rejected payment in Gold from Naamam, A Syrian Army General after Prophet Elisha cured him of leprosy.
(5) And what happened to GEHAZI the servant of prophet Elisha who went behind his master to collect the Gold from Naaman? Elisha cast SEVEN times the leprosy of Naaman on Gehazi. OHANEZE does this NOT prove that it is a great sin to use the name of God to make money just as Odumeje does?
~Mazi Darlington Imoh
Akaekpuchiónwa 1 of Arondizuogu.
The Officer Without Portfolio of the Biafran Campaign

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