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Re: You Can’t Sign The Budget, Ita Enang Dares Osinbajo

Let me equally add that the Nigerian Constitution does not permit the mischievous ignorance exhibited by Enang in that interview.

There can’t be two active presidents at the same time in a country with our type of Constitution.

President Buhari has no constitutional authority to signing any bills while there exits an Acting president — Buhari must first return to work (by writing to the legislature to that effect) before being constitutionally permitted to signing anything. 

Enang’s utterance is the utterance of the nefarious cabal within the presidency; it must be resisted.

Do these idiots know that Acting president Osinbajo is a trained lawyer and a law professor for decades?

Why do some people like to start trouble by insulting the intelligence of Nigerians?

These idiots are tasking our patience and are nefariously instigating the army to sack our democracy.

They held their gathering of witches-like meeting at Babangida’s house last week in the guise of marrying off Babangida’s last daughter, similar to the meeting they held at Abiola’s child-naming ceremony in 1985 at where they concluded the planning and executing of the August 27, 1985 coup that toppled Buhari’s government of that time. 

If these idiots start another katakata with coup plotting and executing, Nigerians must turn as deadly as Boko Haram in fighting them back. Are we human beings or mere idiots whose fates are toyed with by a bunch of sadistic beasts?

Why can’t these devilish people allow Nigerians to drink some water and put the cup down in peace?

We cannot allow them to marginalize or even minimize the prestige of the Acting president.

These educated Southerners who are sent to issue stupid utterances that the North is even embarrassed to issue must be hounded by their communities and taught lessons in having some balls to rejecting being sellouts. 

Nigerians, these animals are up to some no good evil; they are planning a coup against Osinbajo should anything befall president Buhari.

We cannot allow it; be prepared to break up Nigeria once and for all should they execute their foolish plan.

Do not be fooled by General Buratai’s speech — General Babangida, as Army Chief and while addressing soldiers at Jaji in Kaduna, issued a similar denial and threats to junior officers who might be indulging in “unnecessary radicalism” a couple of weeks before he executed his coup.

Nigerians, ugo eberela na mgbagbu (the periwinkle bird has perched within killing range)! That is a figure of speech, a prose, and an alarm! 

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