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Reactions trail Nnamdi Kanu’s radio broadcast

Ndigbo has been reacting to the radio broadcast by Nnamdi Kano on Radio Biafra today. Kanu boasted that the Nigerian court lacks the capacity to try him and called for Biafrans to boycott the election.

See some reactions below:

No sensible Igbo will take Nnamdi Kanu serious


Ndi Igbo must vote in 2019 Massibely…My reaction to Nnamdi Kanu ‘s broadcast.

Nnamdi Kanu’s broadcast has validated the rumour that he is working for Buhari/APC to continue in office beyond 2019 , but Ndi Igbo will vote massively against Buhari come 2019.

Nnamdi Kanu’s call “For Boycott of Election” in Igbo land in 2019 is inline with his rumoured deal with Buhari’s APC to reduce voting strength in Igbo land to give Buhari some advantage .

Was anybody disappointed by Nnamdi Kanu today?
I hate to say ‘I told you so!

But good enough, majority of voting population of Ndi Igbo are voting like never before with or without Nnamdi Kanu and his deal with Buhari ‘s APC .

The same poor strategy used by Uwazurike of MASSOB in 2006 “No Census ” in Igbo land and South East which ended up with very poor population while he ended up a billionaire !

Anyone that sees Nnamdi Kanu , tell him that we are voting in this election massively !*

Tell him that is either he join us in quest to replace poor governance of Buhari or we vote both of them out !

Enough of all these negative bandwagon drives !

If Buhari or APC paid you, collect their money but be aware that we are voting massively !

He mentioned also that he is coming back to bring “Hell” , but may I remind him that we don’t need “Hell” and he should keep it with him .

You want Referendum , but you don’t want to participate in an election that will produce people that can even discuss your position .

We are voting Buhari Out ! Your deal with APC has failed on this point !

Ndi Igbo , get your PVC ! We are voting Buhari OUT !


– Ikechukwu Emeka Onyia


Buhari and APC wants to rubbish Kanu forever!

Nnamdi Kanu didn’t say Boycott, it’s @atiku for President @atiku for Restructuring. Kaduna is burning and my Oga like Oluwakayode Olumide Ogundamisi is not condemning the killings being carried out under the watch of @MBuhari and Gov @elrufai APC. Nnamdi Kanu has his rights so do kaduna victims.

– Obed Nnaji



I recall warning folks at the peak of the “new Biafra agitation by IPOB” to trade carefully. I also remember all the abuses I received when I did that. I remember meeting a guy in Dubai who was so passionate about “a new Biafra” and who boasted how his friends from Rivers State had assured him of their support and how a “new nation was just months away”.

When I asked him the meaning of “Rumuola”, he said it was a “suburb of Port Harcourt, Rivers State”. He never knew it was an Igbo name, “Umuola” and which like many other Igbo names had “R” added to it to make it “unIgbo”. Rumuamashi, Rumokrishi, Rumuigbo, Rumu this, Rumu that.

Sadly, too, this fellow didn’t know what “abandoned property” means. He’s never heard of it. He didn’t know that Rivers people, who are promising him support in his new Biafra agitation, were the same people who hated Ndigbo so much and who still hate them today. He didn’t know it was only in Port Harcourt that the Igbo lost their property after the war. Yet, he believes the same people who have always aligned with the North will now allign with the Igbos they so much dread to realise a Biafra where they’d be a minority.

By the time I finished educating him, he was quiet until I left his shop and returned to my hotel. He didn’t understand what he was fighting for. All he thought was that “since they hate us, let’s go our own way”. “They are holding us back. Let’s free ourselves”, he shouted. A similar situation played out at the Berger Auto Market, Lagos. And after I finished addressing them, numbers, instead of blows, were exchanged. Lessons learnt.

Sadly, a lot of innocent lives were lost in that agitation that I thought was ill-planned, poorly executed and which exposed us to ridicule. Till today, soldiers sent from the north still occupy our roads, extort our people and cause needless traffic gridlock daily. Nobody is doing anything other than complain and abuse people who don’t give a damn.

I don’t want to talk about “Operation Python Dance” and it’s consequences. It’s still very fresh and we all know it.

I expect, like before, to be abused by Facebook rats; youths who believe that the only way to make their point is to abuse and insult anybody who does not share their viewpoint, however ill-informed it is. I’m expecting it now.

Following the sudden re-appearance of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, leader of IPOB, after many of these same Facebook rats had claimed he was killed by the army during the Operation Python Dance, agitation for Biafra has risen once again. As before they are all OVER Facebook, prancing. They are expecting “a national broadcast” from their leader. Others are agitating for election boycott in 2019.

I have only this to say: If IPOB calls for election boycott and you obey it, then those who want to rule Nigeria forever will go and vote. And they will rule you and deny you basic amenities. They will shoot and kill you when you agitate and nothing will happen. Your roads and bridges will be left undone. Port Harcourt-Enugu and Enugu – Onitsha expressways will remain unmotorable. Your people will be denied federal appointments. Your businesses will continue to suffer.The Second Niger Bridge will remain moribund. And who will suffer the consequences? Ndigbo mostly.

If you boycott the election, you and your people will continue to suffer. Use your common sense. Come out and vote out this ineptitude, murderous and wicked government. And you’d have a voice.

Britain has not, will not, call for #BiafraReferendum. Nigeria is a sovereign country. Britain has always supported the north. They supported the rest of Nigeria and helped them massacre us between 1966 and 1970. The Nigerian civil war remains the only war Britain and Russia fought on one side – the Nigerian side.

At the end of that fratricidal war, we lost everything. We got 20 pounds. He began afresh. Our women became prostitutes and slept and married our oppressors to survive. We changed our names to secure jobs and admissions in schools. We avoided speaking our language so as not to be identified as Igbo and discriminated against.

Today, through dint of hardwork, we have overcome. We have built empires, businesses, property, self. And then you want those envious of your success to come and destroy it? Tufiakwa!

Stop deceiving yourselves. Nnamdi Kanu’s Biafra is not realisable. Not now. Listening to him is killing yourself. Let’s get wise and vote.

We have a singular opportunity to have a say in the Atiku – Obi administration. Let’s be “Atikulate and our Obiligation” to our generation will be met.

Support restructuring of the polity and you’d not regret it. Only a stubborn fly follows the corpse to the grave.

– Fred Chukwuelobe



Based on principle and the secessionist ideology, Nnamdi Kanu is right in insisting that Biafrans should boycott the 2019 election.

It is the logical and most consistent thing to say as a leader of a secessionist movement.

You should not patronize and by extension validate a system you do not believe in irrespective of who is involved. That is a honorable position and I respect Kanu for that.

Notwithstanding, I call on all Nigerians including Federalists, Unitarists, and secessionists to come out en mass and vote out the APC/Buhari administration come 2019.

If Nigeria is restructured under a Federalist president, the cry for secessionism will become redundant. True federalism is the fastest way to fix the secessionists.

Supporting a Federalist to become president is like using one stone to kill several birds.

Buhari is the problem.


– Tony Osborg

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