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Read and see the fraud Anambra has as Governor

By Odumodu Gbulagu

While Anambra people are crying that in six years as a Governor, Chief Willie Obiano, that inherited a debt-free Anambra State and over 75 BILLION NAIRA in savings has squandered the 75 BILLION NAIRA and plunged Anambra into debt of close to 200 BILLION NAIRA, the man fraudulently commissioned six roads to mark his 6th year in office.

After the commissioning, they fraudulently announced that he has done over 1000 Kilometres of roads. Is the announcement a way of justifying the 75 Billion Naira he squandered or the debt of close to 200 Billion Naira he has plunged Anambra State into?

I shall analyse the road one by one as posted by Mr. James Eze, one of those people that must be mentioned when the history of the destruction of Anambra State under Gov. Willie Obiano shall be written, and allow you to judge for yourselves. The tragedy of what james is doing is that Anambra people like Ifeanyi Afuba, Ejike Anyaduba, Harrison Madubueze, Emeka Okose, Chinedu Obigwe(the Lunatic) are used by him.

ROAD NO 1: Peter University- Achina-Onneh Road

The original road Mr. Peter Obi started was Achina-Onneh-Agbudu-Ogboji road and was awarded to Estrada Construction Company at the coast of 770 Million Naira out of which the mobilisation of 155 Million naira was paid. The road is 5.3 kilometers and passed through the university. In fact, it is the most important road in that area. Obiano abandoned it and started Achina-Onneh, the one he just completed which is about 1 KILOMETER. He did it through an Anambra clergy using the foreman of Benejaf’s Construction Company, who is not an engineer. Benejaf at that time threatened to go to court. Because Benejaf’s foreman has no equipment, Obiano’s relation who is in charge of the Anambra State Road maintenance Agency, Engr. Emeka Okoye hired the equipment of the agency to him. The road was poorly done and I will like you to note this, because after this year’s rainy season, we shall show you the condition of the road.

ROAD 2: St Theresa’s Nnobi to St Peter’s Nnewichi Road> this road is not so clear. How many kilometres, contract sum, etc.

ROAD 3: Nengo River Bridge and the road: let it be on record that the Umunya-Nteje road has two bridges. Obi awarded road, did one of the bridges and almost completed the road except the Nengo Bridge, which he had awarded to TAMAD with about 100 meters of the road remaining. Obiano initially abandoned the road, but after persistent cry by the opposition and the embarrassment it cause him during dry season, he completed the bridge.

Haba, the fraudulent man claimed that the road and the bridge were his conception.

ROAD 4: Umueze Igboezunu to Adani Road . Not up to 1 kilometer. Why did they not mention that this road is in Aguleri? This is where the mumu of our Deputy Governor shone clearly. Obiano did over 30 roads in Aguleri and merely completed a road Mr. Peter Obi started in your town and called you to come and commission and you accepted. Shame on you. What this means is that you do not even make case for Enugu-ukwu peole. If you recall, he completed that road because we kept using it as an eample. The Deputy Governor may think we shall fight for him again, no way. If you cannot fight for your people, goodluck to you, but it is good your people know what is happening.

ROAD 5: Awkuzu SARS Junction to Abube Square Nando Road Awarded by Gov. Obi who started it. In his usual manner, he claimed he conceived and started the road.

ROAD 6: Nkwo Enugwu-Ukwu/Onitsha Expressway Road. One of the roads that exposed the true character of Dr. Nkem Okeke. I weep for Enugu-ukwu people. Apart from that road which was started by Mr. Peter Obi and completed by Obiano, Dr. Nkem Okeke should tell us what else the man did in Enugu-ukwu. Shame!!

ROAD 7: Stamford Road, Awka. Where is Sen. Ben Obi ? Where is Gidigbam Gidigbam? Where is Ofodile? Where are illustrious Awka sons and daughters? In six years, apart from the crumbling three flyovers, is this only road Obiano will start and complete in Awka? Though he managed to finish the old road from Amansea to Agu-Awka started by Obi, he could not finish the dual carriage road from Amawbia Junction to Amansea. That road is about 400 meters. I am aware that under Ngige and Obi, roads that are not up to 2 kilometers were not commissioned. Because of a 400 meter-road Obiano called out the entire awka. What a shame! The same Obiano constructed over 30 roads in Aguleri, evacuated Akwa energy to his town, stopped the construction of Awka stadium and is constructing Otuocha (Aguleri )stadium, which was used for Police games. He abandoned the shopping mall at Awka. His only achievement if Awka in 6 years are three crumbling flyovers and 400-meter Stamford road, which he built because of his girlfriend who is connected to Stamford Hotel.

GENERAL NOTES: During commissioning of roads, Governors through the Commissioner for roads always mention vital statistics about the roads, namely: when awarded, who awarded, the length, the contract sum. Why is Obiano avoiding all this?

The only thing they have told us is that he has constructed over 1000 kilometers of roads. Where are those roads? The totality of the roads he commissioned yesterday are not up to 4 kilometres. In essence, it is even less than one road Ngige or Peter Obi built.

The drunkard believes he can play on the intelligence of the people!

OUR REQUEST: Obiano has erats from almost all the towns in Anambra, let the erats start mentioning the roads done in their towns so that we know how he arrived at over 1000 kilometers of roads. I once challenged them to show only 2 roads that Obiano started and completed in 6 years, but they haven’t been able to show any.

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