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Referendum: Question Lower Niger Congress must answer!


Lower Niger Congress must answer referendum questions

“The referendum to determine the status of Southern Sudan was held on schedule in January 2011, with the overwhelming majority, 98.83% of participants, voting for independence. 

“The Secretary-General welcomed the announcement of the final results , stating that they were reflective of the will of the people of southern Sudan.

“The Secretary-General said that the peaceful and credible conduct of the referendum was a great achievement for all Sudanese and he commended the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) partners, the Government of Sudan led by President Omar Hassan Al Bashir, and the Government of Southern Sudan led by President Salva Kiir Mayardit, for keeping their commitment to maintain peace and stability throughout this crucial period.

“The referendum was called for by the 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) between the Government of Sudan and the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM), which ended more than 20 years of war. 

“The Sudanese authorities were responsible for the referendum process. 

“Under the leadership of the Secretary-General, the United Nations provided technical and logistical assistance to the CPA parties’ referendum preparations through support from its peacekeeping missions on the ground in Sudan, as well as the good offices function provided by the Secretary-General’s panel aimed at ensuring the impartiality, independence and effectiveness of the process, and by the UN Integrated Referenda and Electoral Division (UNIRED).” – Referendum in Southern Sudan – UNMIS – United Nations Mission in the Sudan

Background information on the UN Support to the referendum on Southern Sudan, independence of South Sudan, the…

The push for referendum by Lower Niger Congress [LNC] is a welcome development but all who embrace a peaceful separation as far back as the birth of this movement will tell us that that has always been the goal from day one.

Even this late in the game, LNC is yet to address the nagging concern of those who had/have invested blood and treasury, including the dreams, hopes and aspirations of millions of dehumanized ethnic nationalities condemned in this dungeon, Nigeria, who see this referendum as their last chance to salvage a future if not for themselves, at least for their generations to come.

If we are unable to safe guard the civil and human rights of peaceful demonstrators for the actualization of the United States of Biafra (USB) who continue to be massacred in their hundreds by the genocidal government of Nigeria under the leadership of war criminal, coupist and maximum dictator, Gen. Buhari, a member  of the born-to-rule who embrace a perverted form of Islam as a means of conquest, no different from ISIS or ISIL, just how do we intend to protect the human and civil rights of those who intend, no matter the consequences, to exercise their right to choose? Assuming that the born-to-rule agrees to a referendum, a big if, how do we intend to prevent these abominable group of people from rigging the results in their favor?

As we see from the above quote, the UN and its members played a major role in forcing the Sudan Janjaweed controlled government to agree to a referendum.

Now the question:

Please inform and update your brethren on what LNC is doing towards bringing about a stress-free referendum and just as important, protecting the votes, enforcing its mandate, and/or getting the UN involved since it is apparent that the British government and the Fulani leadership, no different from the leadership of ISIS or ISIL, are determined and dead set against the this most important mission?

Nnaemeka Onumonu-Uzoaru


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