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Regarding The World Teachers’ Day

By Kassim Abubakar Gamawa

Surely it is known to everyone that Teaching is the one and only profession that creates all other professions.

It is also through the efforts of teachers that nobody becomes somebody, illiterate becomes literate and something becomes known from  unknown.

Therefore, I would not erroneously let this year’s International Teachers’ Day that just held on 05th October, 2018, without reminiscing of the efforts of our gallant teachers, the architectures of our modern society.

However, it is in this precious moment that, I would like to use this medium to express and extend my sincere gratitude and appreciation as well to those (teachers) that taught me right from play-class up to those (lecturers) at my University.

Today, I’m happy and proud to tell you and the world in general that your product is now a certified Teacher, Agriculturist, Economist/Extensionist as well as a Youth and Human Rights Activist. Thank you for your good training.

Similarly, in the same vein, I dedicate this success so far to my best reliable online News Publishers (Elombah News) for considering my articles and write-ups always worthy of publication.

Thanks and God Bless You.


Obediently Yours,

Comrade Kassim A. Gamawa

(Sardaunan Gamji & A Concern Citizen). Writes from Gamawa LGA, Bauchi State – Nigeria.

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