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Rejoinder To John Mmadukaejiaka Oforjebeogu Igbokwe Diatribe On My Person — By Joe Igbokwe

This is to inform the general public that the said publication written by one John Mmadukaejiaka Oforjebeogu Igbokwe casting aspersions on my person does not have the consent of the Family Leadership in Nnewi and in Lagos or Abuja.

John wrote that Igbokwe Royal Family Uruagu Nnewi , Anambra State has disowned me for my stand on IPOB, ESN and Biafra Project.

I have made thorough investigations since John’s nasty write-up came to the public space. Let it be known and it hereby made known that the Igbokwe family meeting both in Nnewi and Lagos were not privy of John scurrilous drivel. John never wrote on their behalf and neither did any of our leaders both in Nnewi or Lagos authorized him to do so on their behalf.

Therefore the so called statement claimed to have been written on behalf of the family is null and void, full of sound and fury signifying nothing and without any effect whatsoever. Igbokwe family in which I am a leader has not spoken and when they speak I occupy a privileged position in the family to know about it.

I implore the general public to ignore the antics of the jobless John Igbokwe who has wasted 35 years abroad with nothing to show for it. The frustration led him to join IPOB with the promise that he will made a Commissioner when Biafra emerges.

In 1994 during the late General Abacha era I had this kind of colossal betrayal and it was from the entire family. They even deceived my father to sign the document. A brother, the late Dr Sunday Igbokwe wanted to be made commissioner of Health in Anambra State was told he has to get the whole family to denounce me before they will consider him for the position.

Dr Igbokwe and his co-travelers went to work. The rest is now history. All those who took part in that brigandage and wickedness ended up in an unmitigated disaster except my father whom they deceived.

This is indeed an interesting times in Nigeria but like the days of IBB and Abacha people like us are overcomers. We wear God’s Armor and His banners are all over us. I am for project Nigeria and I stand by it hook, line and sinker. Proudly Nigerian!!!

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