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Rep. Azubogu’s padding of 2016 budget & fate of Nnewi area

Obunike Ohaegbu: Does Jubril, the

On March 28, 2015, the registered voters of the Nnewi North/Nnewi South/Ekwusigo Federal Constituency went to the polls to among other things, elect their representative in the House of the Representatives, National Assembly, Abuja. 

After several hours of collation and counting of votes cast, Hon. Chris Emeka Azubogu was declared winner of the House of Representatives election with over 33,000(thirty three thousand) votes in his favour.

As customary with elections in Anambra State, his closest rival went to the Election Petitions Tribunal where the panel of Judges confirmed Hon. Chris Azubogu’s election to be in compliance with the relevant Electoral laws in Nigeria. 

Despite his opponent’s embarrassing admission at the Tribunal of losing the election at the polling booth where he cast his vote, losing at his polling station, up to his Ward and his entire Local Government, the APGA Candidate still appealed against the ruling of the Tribunal to the Court of Appeal wherein the learned Justices in November 2015 upheld the election of Hon. Azubogu.

During the campaigns, Hon. Azubogu successfully convinced the voting population of the Nnewi North/Nnewi South/Ekwusigo Federal Constituency that as a returning Member of the House of Representatives, that he would be a “ranking Member” which will translate to a better position to, among other Legislative responsibilities, attract developmental projects to our Federal Constituency. 

The voters believed him and the manner he was overwhelmingly supported to return to the hallowed Chambers of the House of Representatives, National Assembly, Abuja is a testimony of that belief.

However, few weeks ago, we were shocked when it was all over the news that Hon. Azubogu was accused of committing a “criminal offense” by Hon. Abdulmumin Jubril, the Member representing Bebeji/Keru Federal Constituency.  

Several people from our Federal Constituency were making calls to confirm what crime Hon. Azubogu had committed. 

As it is common with all “politically exposed persons”, his opponents were assisting in spreading the news of his “criminal infractions”. 

In fact, one of them must have spent a fortune in sending text messages to all to read about Hon. Azubogu’s “criminal activities” even when he was not sure of what the details of the alleged crime was.

I became worried and decided to make more inquiries on the matter. 

I was referred to the Twitter handle of Hon. Jubril who described himself as “accidental activist”. 

In fact, Hon Jubril on July 28, 2016, stated on his Twitter account:

“I woke up mid night yesterday to pray and SUDDENLY realized that I have become AN ACCIDENTAL ACTIVIST. 

“This is noble and there is NO GOING BACK”. 

I became really scared when I saw that and concluded that Hon. Azubogu was really in deep trouble. 

I immediately joined in urging the “accidental activist” to release more information on the details of the exact crime that was committed by Hon. Azubogu.  

We were kept in suspense. Fortunately, on July 30, 2016, Hon. Jubril tweeted again saying:

“Read my full response with documents published on different platforms including 111 projects demanded by my Deputy Hon Chris Azubogu”.

I was livid with anger and became very disappointed with Azubogu. I could not believe that humans could be that naive and greedy. 

How could Hon. Azubogu make personal demands in the Budget when he promised us of attracting ” developmental projects” in our Federal Constituency. 

In fact, I even clapped for Hon. Jubril when he said on national television that he removed the 111 items Hon. Azubogu tried to insert in the 2016 Budget.

However, I was shocked when a friend referred me to the details of the “111 items” Hon. Azubogu tried to “smuggle” into the Budget on the website of an online media – Premium Times. 

The first “item” I saw on the list of the “items” removed by Hon. Jubril was N1b (one billion Nadia) proposed for the Completion of the Oba-Nnewi-Okigwe road. 

At that point, I was surprised that Hon. Jubril or any Nigerian for that matter could brag for removing money proposed for such all-important road on a national television. 

Even my wife who was seated with me noticed the anger on my face. Does Hon. Jubril have any idea of what he was saying?

Does the “accidental activist” know how strategic that road is to the people of Nnewi North/Nnewi South/Ekwusigo Federal Constituency? 

Does he know that some communities like Amichi, Ekwulumili, Unubi have been cut off and made inaccessible by the state of that road? 

Does he have an idea of the number of small businesses and factories that have been shut down in that area because of the non-accessibility of that road? 

Does he know the number of people that have died in that area because they could not get help in emergency situations due to the state of that road? 

Does he know the number of small scale industries that have been shut down in the area due to the horrible state of that road?

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